If you're going to be in Austin, Texas a must stop at some point has to be Kerbey Lane Cafe. Whether for breakfast or a late night breakfast for dinner stop you have to hit this place. It is an absolute gem in Austin known for their amazing mouthwatering gingerbread pancakes. They've been in business since May 5, 1980 operating out of an old house in North Austin and the rest is history. This cafe is also a bustle of activity. I first discovered them in my youth late one night after going out. I ordered the gingerbread pancakes and was hooked. Kerbey Lane became a regular spot for me on those late nights out. It also became a regular weekend morning stop truth be told. 

And while they serve so much more than just breakfast items, as they are an amazing cafe after all. You can find just wonderful Kerbey Lane creations as Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Bacon Pesto Chicken, Greek Chicken, Green Chile Mac, and Fried Avacado Tacos. Those amazing Gingerbread pancakes will always be my favorite and no one (including myself) can recreate them. I have tried! It's just a special experience to walk into those creaky little wood floors and be greeted by a friendly face and smell those incredible smells coming from the kitchen... you suddenly feel right at home and you know you're about to have a wonderful meal in a room full of good friends. Kerbey Lane Cafe is definitely worth your stop while in Austin, Texas.

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