Where to "advertise" a summer season rental in West Hartford, CT for snowbirds?

I have a very nice, furnished apartment available for rent in West Hartford, CT during the summer months. It can be rented for any time period from 3 to 6 months between May and October. I think there may be snowbirds - folks who have moved south from Connecticut but who wish to spend time with family and grandchildren up north - with an interest in this kind of rental arrangement. Naturally I have posted information with pictures and all the details on VRBO and elsewhere, but I would be interested in any suggestions for places to "advertise" that would reach my intended retiree audience more directly. Thank you.

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Hi Klarnet,

I am in Central Florida and am interested in knowing more about your rental.  Florida summers are brutal and Connecticut sounds like a nice place to go for the summer.  Please send me a private message.  Thank you.

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