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Where do you want to live when you retire?












It is reported about 10,000 baby boomers retire daily.

Some of them want stay home where they are.

Some want to move to other place to enjoy their retirement.

Do you want retire and stay where you are?

Or do you want move to a community where you can make friends and share commen interests?



I want to live in Montgomery County, Maryland.  It is a very progressive, tolerant, open-minded area,very unlike the area I currently live.  It has an incredibly vibrant active retirement community called Leisure World.  It is also located very close to Washington, D.C., with many cultural, culinary, and entertainment options.  I am looking forward to moving here.


I have often wondered why Indiana is not promoted as a good retirement state.   We live in Ft. Wayne, a beautiful medium-size city.  We have more going on here than we can possibly do, great golf courses, top-notch philharmonic orchestra and civic theater, a poster-picture ball park, lots of lakes within an hour.  It does sometimes turn cold in the winter, but much more reasonable to live here and visit warm weather for a month!


1) Kanab Utah.  Volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society

2) Santa Fe NM

3)Flagstaff **bleep** 


i live in Florida Now.  Though I love Ocala.  That is the Only nice place left in Florida.  Not hugely affordable for middle income families

not a good enough reason to stay

florida is a Dump.  Everywhere.

The People are Atrocious. Horrible.  Rude. Self Absorbed  

Then there are the Snowbirds. Who feel We Owe Them our lives. Because They vacation here 

the Education system one of the lowest in the country

public transportation is non existent   

There are limited nature places left that are intact

Work is limited to service or tourism

 Been here 20 years. Counting the days.minutes  until I can get out


Current age 60. Work full time. Current state California. If I can ever retire ideally want to go to FL Panama City Beach/Destin area. Relatively good climate. Within 2 hour drive to family. Must have warm climate. Must be able to garden and enjoy outdoors frequently. Beach is a real bonus. The reality however is bleak. CA is sucking the living soul out of me financially, politically and socially. But for now my job and home keep me here. 

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Being fully disabled I guess I am 'retired' I rent from family right now but she's failing. I don't know what's going to happen to me. I spent two months in a low end physical rehab facility and elderly dumping ground and it was pure hell. I don't know where to go. Florida is so expensive and dangerous. I once thought I could find a place in the woods but since my accident I can't get off the ground. I'm lost and trapped. I don't know what states if any have the same medical coverge that's literally saved my life. I don't know who to talk to. I stand in darkness.


You might try Chicago, Illinois city and suburbs. My 94 year old mother had a very low income and qualified for Medicaid assistance to live in a very nice assisted living facility. It was quite modern and clean and she had her own apartment. Check out the State of Illinois website. Your own state should have a listing of places to live as well. Hope things work out for you.

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I'll look into the state thing, that's a good idea but Chicago is just too cold for me and I'm on a walker, that plus ice equals many ER visits. I really want something small, handicapped equipped and rural. Away from snow, tornado alley and I've survived enough hurricanes to last a lifetime. Like another user mentioned the Pacific Northwest sounds good, it gets cool but not too cold, granted there's a few volcanos to worry about. I don't have a problem being alone (as long as I don't fall of course) I just want peace and quiet. I want to relax maybe get back into photography.

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Don't give up on Florida.  We love in Ocala, at a 55 plus community called On Top of The World.  Check us out.  You just might find this to be your new home.  We love it here, and so do the other 10,000 or so that also like it here.

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Hi @hesshaus , are you still in Florida? I am hoping to move back this year 2023 or next year 2024. I am living in Cave Spring, Virginia. Thanks, Nicole 🙂


@hesshaus wrote:

Don't give up on Florida.  We love in Ocala, at a 55 plus community called On Top of The World.  Check us out.  You just might find this to be your new home.  We love it here, and so do the other 10,000 or so that also like it here.

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My heart goes out to you. I wish I could help somehow, but I don't live in the U.S. so I don't know about the resources that may be available to you. But, since you have posted on AARP, I hope you can ask their help in finding some viable options. Maybe there are some other threads that have information from the AARP community? Bless you, and I hope some kindness lights your life soon.
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Thanks. I appreciate the kind words.


To the person who said not to give up on FL I'm living on straight disability, well below the poverty line. I highly doubt I could afford more than a broom-closet in your retirement community. We're barely holding on with two of us. Alone I doubt I could cover the bills and taxes and have anything left for food, gas, car insurance. I'm just lost, cconfused and scared.



I'm from Denver but moved to Vegas to be w my kids/grandkids. The cost of living is low and the weather is nice moist of the yr. Just 3 -4 mos of hot  weather and 2 that are cool. There's a lot to do, no state taxes, I miss my home and the green landscape of the Rockies but all in all am happy here. Healthcare used to be lacking but there are many new hospitals and Dr's setting up practice. I'm not retired yet (I'm 63) but plan to stay here when I do. Just a thought! Good luck! 


In the most economical portion of Washington State. 

Suggestions AARP?


Since I was a little girl living in Mobile, Alabama, I have always wanted to retire in Fairhope, Alabama. On Sundays, we had our big family meal after church, then my grandmother and I would go for a ride. We usually drove across the causeway to Fairhope. Sometimes, we would park and walk down the pier to look at Mobile Bay. 

Of course, Fairhope has changed in the last 40 years. It has become extremely popular to families of all ages. The property value has become much higher than I expected. 

Currently, my family and I live in Overland Park, Kansas which is a wonderful place for families. But, my family lives near the Gulf Coast and I’d like to be near them. Plus, I miss being near the water. There isn’t any water in our area. 


I have some high school friends and family members, who are living in Fairhope and love it. 

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Enenrgy and light going out to those with such difficult situations.


I am single, 68,    and in good health.

I live in DesMoines,I A, and this is a two by two state -- couples and family encouraged.


I'm from Chicago and my son is there, but where I'd like to live in Chicago is too expensive, and if I'm going to try a suburb, Imight as well saty in Des Moines.


The liberal triangle of NC sounds very exciting.

I'm a writer and would like to take advantage of the cultural scene.


What is the cost of living like? Can singles fit in?


My daughter is in DSM now,but very fluid!


I am  semi-retired & live in Massachusetts. I am fortunate to live in my family home, that my grandparents purchased in 1927. I live in a city that's not too far from  Boston. I have access to museums, theaters ,five-star restaurants, major sports teams & excellent shopping venues.I am less than ten miles from Revere Beach, the oldest beach in the nation, that is not only a lovely beach,but the site of some fine restaurants, a yearly Sand Sculpture festival & a bit of eclectic night life. I can drive to New. Hampshire, which I consider my second home, to hike & shop & enjoy  the beauty of what each season has to offer.I can drive to Maine & visit Welles,Kennebunkport & York. But best of all is that my hometown has all of the above, & it's a joy to experience the change of seasons, in my own backyard. 

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I have always wanted to live near Boston.  I'm a Museum Educator with a specialty in the 18th Century.


What's the cost of living like?  Museums (unfortunately) don't pay much.


I like the four seasons and want to stay close to New York area where my children are. As long as someone else takes care of the gardening and the shoveling, I love the area.

Plenty to do and see, which will keep us busy. Plus cost of living compared to New Jersey where I live now is very low.

I cannot wait!!!!!


We hope to retire in Wilmington, NC or Southport, NC. Our kids live in NC but things can be fluid with them and they may move. I want to live in an area that they will always want to visit if not close by. These are coastal cities but the beach is not what attracts me. Colleges, history, cultural features matter to me in my retirement. 

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Well, gosh,this one is pretty simple.  We want to live near the grandchildren!  We calculated the transportation, lodging, and food costs involved in monthly travel from our lower cost of living residence in a neighboring state, vs the higher cost of living associated with moving nearer and it was pretty much a wash, so now we live about 10 minutes away from them....close enough to see them as often as they wish, and to help out when we are needed.  We can also take the kids on ocassional weekend getaways so parents can have some alone time.  We attend baseball games, school plays, various showcases and recitals, etc. In the summer we take them to museums, to the beach, to free concerts and plays, and year round we take them to special events...touring broadway shows (Hamilton coming in November!) Holiday events, etc.  We could live somewhere less expensive, but there is nothing that can compare to the joy in our lives.


I totally agree-  there is nothing like being near familyHeart


I want to own farmland but do not know where. Need suggestions on the best place to do this.  


You should ask what type of farmland? Do you want rolling hills pine land with hunting, grains, or cotton land? How much land do you want to own, because that definitely makes a difference. What climate do you prefer? For example, what gardening zone do you prefer. Best of luck to you!
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Start by deciding what you want to raise....plants or animals, (animals are a 24/7 year round committment, crops are 24/7 during the growing season), and then decide on how much of the year you want to invest, i.e. length of growing season.  Also, think about your financial committment beyond land and buildings: farm machinery, seeds, fertilizer, animal feed, etc, before you break even. You'll have to pay taxes, utilities, and possibly a mortgage, even if you have no income. You might have to eat, too.


Then research the potential natural disasters in the geographic areas that fit your first choice....snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, frost, locusts, weevils, beetles, etc, and decide which you can deal with.  e.g. snow comes pretty much every year, hurricanes and tornadoes are less frequent.  You can spray for insects (unless you decide to go organic) but what do you do to cope with drought?


After you narrow down what you are willing to cope with, you will have found several geographic areas that fit into your comfort zone.  


I wish you well.

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Advent Christian Village is a 55 and up commmunity near Live Oak Florida. They offer houses, mobile home lots, retals, apartments, assisted living, skilled nursing care, and memory care. They also have medical and dental care plus a pharmacy.  It basically a small town. They have a library, restaurants, and a hotel. 


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I would like to retire in Belize. I'm tired of all the bull in the states. It would be nyce to look at a scenic backgrounds and enjoy fresh market fruits and vegetables. Walking to and around a culturally diverse people.


I have live all my life in So. California.  My roots are deep here.  I have one son living on Maui.  I am tempted to move there because I miss living near the ocean and the climate is better than the (High Desert) where i now live.  The cost of living in Maui is a minus in this decission.  It would make me somewhat dependent on my son.  So I will most likely stay put.  


Retire I place wherever you live. There is really nothing out there that modest retirees can afford these days. The housing market has crippled boomers that wish to retire due to real estate companies that are looking to make unreasonable profits to the expense of others. Millennial s and those in between are caught up in the same dilemma. These is no solution at this point and time. Stay put.

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Not entirely true. Plenty of cheap places but you have to look for them and settle for what you can afford. Places in FL, SC, upstate NY. Etc my friend in NY rents mobile w screen room 700 month. Could buy it for 22k. OH has rental apts 400 month. FL has mobile home parks 250-500 monthly rent. Some cheap mobiles. 20k-30k even less. Go online.

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We retired in 2010 and moved from Indianapolis to Ocala, Florida. We live in a 55+ retirement community, On Top of The World. Costs, home prices and HOA fees are reasonable. Check it out, and don't forget, no state taxes in Florida, and property taxes are quite reasonable too.
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