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Where do you want to live when you retire?












It is reported about 10,000 baby boomers retire daily.

Some of them want stay home where they are.

Some want to move to other place to enjoy their retirement.

Do you want retire and stay where you are?

Or do you want move to a community where you can make friends and share commen interests?


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We're retired, and live in our CCRC.... Liberty village, Peru, Il.  

Cape Cod... we loved it... Falmouth and also Martha's Vineyard. "1720 House"... rented @ $90Mo. in 1962.   Now rents for $8400/wk in August

All on the water are getting more expensive. 

We also lived near the water in Maine... Look up Mere Point... 


We still have a place in Woodhaven Lakes... right on the water.  Selling this year.

And, look at Lake Cobbeseconte, Maine, but Maine has winters.

Tom Young

Savannah GA

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That's one of my top picks as well.  A beautiful and historic town.



Oklahoma because I was born there and it feels like home.

It's affordable, has plenty of room, lots of things to do, most people there are nice, good churches and Christian people that I can relate to


South Carolina 


South Dakota. We moved here from a large urban city back east almost 10 years ago and whereas the climate leaves much to be desired most of the year, we think the quality of life is unmatched in the US.


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Will you be fine where you are if in your late 70s and 80s and 90s and ALL that goes with it? Or you just wait and see what happens?

I hope you built a family support system while in SD.



Since my wife dies last year[tombird is now just tom] I do not have a support system. I have been getting used to being a single 80 year old man. I am working at it though by joining organizations and discussion groups. My family is scattered back East in Michigan,Ohio,Illinois,North Carolina so there is no place I could move to to be near family. Besides I like it here in San Diego. My health is good but if/when it fails I will check into a home. 

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This is strictly a cultural thing. I'm from a small rural area in Virginia and you would get a crazy look if you asked someone where would you want to live when you retire.  You build your home on your property and that is where you retire is the answer. I feel so lost not having my home to live in since retirement. I don't have one now. I was renting a one-bedroom but became ill and moved in with my kids in different states as needed.  I go to a senior center during the week and most people there live with their kids or have their kids move in with them.  The only people i knew who would ask that would be military who were like vagabonds, moving around and not putting down roots. 

Charlotte NC


Salinas, Ecuador!  We have been doing a LOT of research for 9 years now, and plan on retiring there 5-6 years from now.  Can hardly wait!!!!!


I would love to be near a beach. But Michigan is my home, so I will retire here, and vacation at the beaches in Florida.

Although everyone I love lives here in upstate NY ,I'd love somewhere warm and dry.


I will probably retire in 2020-2021 and intend to live between Colombia and central Florida. Part of the advantages of living in Colombia (my wife's home country) is that the cost of living is much less than the US and so is health insurance. We own a home in both countries so that helps a lot although rent in Colombia is very reasonable in most parts of the country. 


Iron Mountain, MI


I want to live in the mountains close to a flowing stream with pine trees all around.  I want a big property, at least 5 acres.  I want to have chickens and goats , lots of animals. and my dogs . A log cabin big enough  for my family  to come and stay whenever  they want. I want a garden .  Not mountains with snow most of the year, southwest areas  with snow just a couple  months during the year.  

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@TinaL212109 wrote:

I want to live in the mountains close to a flowing stream with pine trees all around.  I want a big property, at least 5 acres.  I want to have chickens and goats , lots of animals. and my dogs . A log cabin big enough  for my family  to come and stay whenever  they want. I want a garden .  Not mountains with snow most of the year, southwest areas  with snow just a couple  months during the year.  

This would be my fantasy retirement. To me this sounds like a delightful way to spend the next 40 years. 

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Next 40 years?? How old are you now? I enjoyed one-bedroom living in LasV but had cancer surgery and altho I planned for a doctor and nurse to come to my apartment, my kids kidnapped me, basically, because the plan my surgeon had was not "standard of care". They moved mw out with 2 suitcases and a backpack. I miss my 6 chair, pecan dining set. . You don't make the plans for your future, You make plans for backup for what-ifs happening to you.
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Sedona, Arizona


Florida or pretty island in Jamacia


  1. No sure yet but will have family where ever I go. 

Palm Springs, Ca. 


My wonderful husband has lived in our home for over 28 years.  He raised three children on his own in this house.


I have come to love our home very much and want to remain here after my husband's retirement.


We live approximately 25 miles north of Denver, CO.


New york


Southern Oklahoma 


TN is closest to my children and grandchildren 

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When I retire, I plan to stay put in my current home.  Of course, I'd love to travel to maybe a few new places.  But I intend to spend and end my days of living right where I am now!


Very good question! 

I'm single, healthy, 62, and might have a modest income at retirement. I'm at the point where I have the following questions:

Should I move near one of my adult children...which one?

Should I move where it is most economical?

Should I move where the weather and amenities are best for me?

I feel like I should play it safe and be prepared ahead of time for circumstances where I might need help and resources, instead of a dream location away from family.

Thanks to everyone for their insights on this forum!

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Hello Info Seeker,


I'm in a similar boat.  65.  Retired now.  I decided I would do my international tours and living abroad while I'm still young enough and, hopefully, healthy enough not to need help, and then find a place to live close enough to the kids down the road.


May I suggest International Living magazine?  It has all kinds of interesting articles written by people who are living the dream and they go into such places as pricing for food, rent/buy units, healthcare, and other things we want to know.  It's not available on newstands, as far as I know.  Look it up online.


Best of luck to you.



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Kudos to you!  I agree that International Living online site is a great source for finding beauty and economical living.  That is how I started my search, 6 years ago, for ocean-front living in a Mediterranean or dry climate in Spain, Greece, and Mexico.  I decided on North Baja Mexico and purchased 3 years ago, choosing Rosartio Beach, Baja.  I love it here in my ocean front condominum!  Travel is 35 minutes to Southern California. Permanent Mexican residency was easy and fast.
My neighbors are Canadians, various western Europeans, those from the USA- mostly middle-class and upper-middle class retirees and military retirees, plus Australians, a few South Americans, and middle-class Mexican Nationals. Neighbors include a famous Silicon-Vallet high-tech entrepreneur, a retired USA military doctor, an Australian couple, a French restaurant owner, a Mexican restaurant owner and a Mexican engineer.
I now am selling my condo home in La Jolla Real gated community and buying one in the development next door-- both units are built by one of the most respected Mexican developers who uses USA building standards.  My ocean view is 180 degrees.  Below are some photos:West view my balcony to Coronado Isl.West view my balcony to Coronado Isl.Part of living area to oceanPart of living area to oceanOcean view from kitchenOcean view from kitchenMy kitchenMy kitchenMain bedroom-bath suite ocean-frontMain bedroom-bath suite ocean-frontView Southeast from my balconyView Southeast from my balcony

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