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Retirement Tiny Living - living it now or would like to?


  1. Can you tell us why you decided to downsize?
  2. Did you design your tiny living space?
  3. Are you using energy saving options such as solar energy, etc.?
  4. How did you find out if the area you are living in allows tiny living?
  5. Any pictures to share?
  6. And anything else you would like to share with us.



  • Why do you want to convert to tiny living?
  • Have you done any research? If yes, anything to share with us? If no, do you plan on research or just winging it?
  • Will you design your living space?
  • Attended any workshops?
  • And anything else you would like to share with us.

Hope to hear from you 🙂

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April 16, 2021


Tiny Retirement

  1. single level
  2. no stairs
  3. no loft
  4. enough room for a wheelchair to move around and stored

Any other items to add?


Some of the best US states for Tiny Living include, but not limited to, California, Florida and Texas.


Anyone living in California, Florida or Texas? If yes, what are your thoughts on Tiny Communities there?



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Oooh, that would be a wonderful location for a tiny vacay! 🙂

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Angela, great topic!


Here are my responses:


Why do you want to convert to tiny living?


  • I already live "tiny" in 640 sq ft 1 bdrm apartment; if I had a "home of my own" I could sit outside, plant flowers on the porch, just breath my own air...


Have you done any research? If yes, anything to share with us? If no, do you plan on research or just winging it?


  • I have scoped out tiny houses here in Las Vegas, plus HGTV Tiny Living addict.


Will you design your living space?


  • While I would love to do that, I also recognize I'm not an expert, and so would try to meld their advice with my own preferences.


Attended any workshops?


  • No; I have not seen this offered in my area.



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March 16, 2021


Hi @WebWiseWoman lol, I too am living tiny in a Studio Apartment. Wish I could detach it from the building and drop it on some land. I love living in it but hate dealing with the upstairs neighbors the office likes to move in. I guess some people either forget or just do not care that someone is below them. Thanks for sharing!

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I think it will be near impossible to get a thread on this. I read that there are only around 10,000 tiny houses in all the U.S. I've also read that a great many people are looking at it, but when it comes down to it, people reject the idea for the simple fact that it is so tiny.

  We live in a 1950's, 1500sf house with no basement, and that is considered, by many, if not most, to be a tiny house. Having a house less than half that square footage is not realistic to very many people.


If you're researching, I'm sure you've seen the many articles showing how many people regret purchasing a tiny house. One article shows a 44% figure of buyers remorse according to their survey.

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March 16, 2021


Hi @retiredtraveler yes tiny living is not for everyone and that is why it is so neat now that there are tiny home hotels or other rental setups to try before committing to that lifestyle.

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I'd love to try a tiny hotel or vacation rental, especially if it's in some remote area on a lake or beach front or deep in a forest. That photo you posted above would be a wonderful place to stay for a while. I don't think I could live tiny permanently tho, as I think it would easily feel claustrophobic for me.  I like a lot of floor space around me, especially in a bedroom. 

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May 14, 2021


Yes, Tiny Hotels are popping up all over @DeahWA 😉

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