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Re: Rental house in Dunedin FL vicinity

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Have you found a house yet? I realize this post was written a couple of months ago, but if you are still looking, you may want to go to realtor.com. There is a tab for rental searches.


Be cautious when looking for a house online. I don't live far from your future home and housing fraud is rampant down here. It's on the news frequently. Good luck to you.

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Reply: Rental house in Dunedin FL vicinity

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Zillow can give you plenty of realtors to choose from based on my own experience moving from California to Florida.  Good luck! 

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Rental house in Dunedin FL vicinity

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Hi, I recently retired and will be moving to the Dunedin, FL area in early August 2017, and I'm looking for a nice rental house that permits a medium size dog.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to help me fnd a nice, safe, clean rental house?  I am using Zillow and a couple other on line sites, but I was also looking for a helpful realtor.  Ideas?