Is there a resource or organization that, given your finances, can help you find a ccrc?

CCRC are very opaque about how much you need to enter. Would like to be able to put finances into a system and get a list of retirement communities that we can afford. Wish AARP provided the service...

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I've looked at CCRC's too, mostly out of curiosity rather than need (at this point in time). And yes, costs are not published online in my search experience. One has to visit the facilities, and often 'forced'

 to take a tour before any financial info is handed out. 

BTW, have you looked at Lots of info there. Also, in your searches, there is some new terminology. Search on LPC (life plan community) which is often used instead of ccrc.

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I'm sure you've visited Senior Living and seen the information there, which I think is very helpful, at least to me.


I would also say, as my Father said, "if you have to ask, you can't afford"...


I checked into one CCRC in Henderson NV; it was $4K / month (in 2015). I could not even pay $4K when both of us worked and owned our 4 bdrm house and 2 newer cars!


Just my experience; nice if you can; I can't...




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