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Re: Do you want to sell your business or stay in business when you retire?

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It probably depends on the business.  I'm 65 and still run my business, however, my business is relatively easy to run (for me).  I'm a software developer (Mac and iPhone) and sell my apps thru the app store.  All I need is a Mac computer and Internet connection.  I take my Mac with me in our trailer when we travel, and use it to answer the occasional tech support question, or maybe fix a bug.  


If my business required that I stay in one place I would sell it.  But I'm keeping my for a few more years.

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Do you want to sell your business or stay in business when you retire?

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It is reported about 10,000 baby boomers retire daily. Some of them have small businesses.

They want to sell their businesses and enjoy their retirement.

Do you want retire and need sell your business?

Or do you want work part-time still keep your business with other partner(s)?


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