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Anyone Else Looking Into CCRCs?

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I've always planned on moving into a CCRC - a Continuing Care Retirement Community - where all kinds of services/activities are all on one campus, but no one is forced to participate in all activities, just those they want to and are capable of, around age 70, or so.  Since I'll turn 68 this Fall, I've started my search by determining the state/area to look at and have found 4 CCRCs to do more research on.


As a former planner, then scheduler, then data manager, I'm a believer in gathering all kinds of data based on a set of parameters that fit my needs. The trouble I'm running into is none of the websites provide the detail I want/need ( like toilet height, virtual tours of houses/apartments, as well as floorplans, screened patios or balconies since I'm allergic to bee venom, no stacked washer/dryer since I'm too short, etc.). I don't see the sense of exploring facilities further, if they don't provide what I need. When I sent an inquiry via their website, w/o my phone number, since I didn't want to be called, and clearly stated that in my e-mail message to them - I got a call the next morning that woke me up, from an overzealous young man who talked too fast and was intent on telling me about things I didn't want to know until her provided answers to my questions.


Since that time, I've made a spreadsheet with all my questions structured for Y/N answers first, then some questions about the individual facilities after I've explored their websites more thoroughly. For example, one facility only had a floorplan for the house with a loft they provided for those who started living in independent housing on the campus, no floorplans for assisted living apartments, while another had at least 20 different floorplans for all the different assisted living apartments, but no floorplans for the independent housing. (This is why I spent the time coming up with a separate spreadsheet for each facility.)


After the experience I had with the overzealous man at the first facility, I'm leery of contacting any of the facilities via phone or e-mail again, so am contemplating using the USPS to send a printout of my spreadsheet and asking them to mail it back to me after they've answered the questions, along with a set time for me to call them to go over any further questions I might have. I'm very leery of having more hardsell phone calls, even if I don't provide them with my phone number.


How has anyone else handled this experience? I had one friend tell me I should use a real estate brokerage firm as a go between. Another friend said I should hire an elder care lawyer. With the current stock and real estate market being chaotic, I'm not sure if I can afford several extra thousands of dollars to pay for additional services, since current conditions are not favorable for me to make a profit on selling my home.


Looking forward to hearing others experiences in this area.

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