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What happened to the rewards page?

Bunch of sold out items on the redeem page.


If you want to contribute your points for a $5 donation it also says "sold out."


Only one redemption per card now, which I understand but I haven't been able to redeem anything for a while.


Come on AARP release the rewards. Increase the points needed to redeem a gift card, do something!



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does anyone monitor these posts

is anyone trying to resolve the issue

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just got a wayfair 25$ this morning


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yes we need rewards to purchase before our points expire

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January is looking like a dreary month redemption wise, at least for me.  Hard to ever find a live one and then only one if you should be fortunate enough to see one.

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yes same here

got points

nothing to use them for

all sold out

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$25 Wayfair out there right now