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Tim Horton "Points Only" is Unfair!!

Hello Community Managers & Warriors,


Why is such a large part of the U.S. being excluded with the Instant Wins being offered?  There are 50 states in the U.S.


Only located in East and it's very unfair, why the showing of favoritism?


Does anyone else think this is unfair?


Have a Blessed Day


Screenshot_2020-01-20 All Tim Hortons Locations in The United States Coffee, Breakfast, Specialty Beverages.png

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I've posted about Tim Horton's before.  A 3 hour drive.  AARP and Hello World have both been around a long time and they should have made deals with large companies that are geographically diverse and able to offer us more useful gift cards.


I have a bank that offers gift cards for new accounts, one option was a BBQ place.  The BBQ restaurant owner told me that the bank pays the full $25 for their gift cards.


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Hello @andrewtoo 


This is definitely the way to get half of the country to drop their memberships.  Hopefully, the favoritism will stop soon.  The bigger the national chain the more likely they can afford the cost.


Screenshot_2020-01-23 starbucks location in the US - Google Search.png

Have a Blessed Day,



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It wouldn't be unfair if an equal number of offers were for items located only in other areas of the US. It would balance things out and everyone would get something to bid on that is in their area.
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After having served on employee-benefit committees, I know that it takes time and effort to build relationships with businesses to be able to offer things to the users. Since we dealt only locally, mine was a very small scale in comparison to the AARP Rewards. Even so, I did learn that discounted purchases and partnerships take time to develop. Nor do I know anything about partnerships that were dissolved when AARP switched programs.


The baby is still in diapers. Let's see what happens with the potty training. (Are we there, yet?)




P.S. Tim Horton's card is just one more that I don't need to worry about since the nearest location is over 1,000 miles away.




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Hello @Brightpool 

Lynn, when a baby starts walking the first place to go is the potty.  This is no longer a baby and should be potty trained😉 

AARP has volunteers in every state, these deals are unfair and AARP Rewards should stop showing favoritism.


Have a Blessed Day


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