Sweepstake Wins limited to one per month. Your thoughts?

As it stand now under the new program you are only permitted to win one sweepstakes in a calendar month. Some sweepstakes last a few days, and some, usually ones with the more lucrative prizes, last almost the whole month.


The longer the sweepstakes runs, the more points you invest trying to win.  Assuming you have been spending points for weeks trying to win one of these big prizes, how would you feel if, just before the big sweepstakes ends, you happen to win a short term sweeps with a dinky little prize, and all those points you have spent on something really nice just go up in smoke?  You are instantly eliminated from the sweepstakes and all your points are wasted.


Are you going to stay with AARP Rewards after that?  I would have to give it some serious thought.  I know I would be upset, and even if AARP restored all the points I had used to enter, I don't know if that would be enough.  


For the moment there are few benefits that are holding me to the program.  I am holding on, hoping that some of the gift cards we could purchase prior to the switch from R4G would reappear. I used to be able to buy one $50 or two $25 Cracker Barrel cards for 10% off, but now it is limited to one $25 card for $23.  Hello World can't deal with prices between dollar values, to make it a true 10% deal like it used to be?  Even then there is a limit, such that I can't buy two.  Those and the Carnival Cards were my main targets for purchase.

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I think ... if you put an entry in you should have a potential if winning that prize! I won the "weekly deal" this morning of $50 gift card and I think that's great but I'm confused... am I now unable to win the Tuscany trip I have been entering every day since it's been available if my name comes up as the winner???

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Hello @RobinG848960 

Congrats Robin on the $50 Weekly Instant WinSmiley Happy  Happy to hear someone is winning something of value.


Have a Blessed Day,


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I agree with you that if you can enter a sweepstakes, or an Instant Win Game, then you should be able to win it.  At least one time per game, or sweepstakes.  The one time limit per month doesn't seem fitting to me, given how high the odds are of winning once AARP Rewards is promoting the program.  Again...if you can enter, then you should be able to win!


Congrats on the $50 egift card win!


And, no need to worry.  From the official rules at the end of Item #7 it states "...Limit: A person can win one (1) Daily Instant Win and one (1) other Instant Win Prize per calendar month...."  The complete official rules for the Instant win prize from AARP Rewards Cabela’s Game  that you won is located at: 


So, you are still eligible for a "Daily Instant Win"  and one sweepstakes win.


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Thanks so much Andrew for clarifying for me! I saw this post and also a notification in my email saying I could only win one and was disappointed. I tried to find the rules so I knew exactly what the criteria was but I was unable to find it. Thank for that info as well... 🙂

- Robin


I think a good solution, and maybe this is what Lynn was saying, would be for the highest value sweepstake to be drawn on the first day of each month, followed by the second highest value sweepstake on the second day of the month, and so on.  At least that could be done right away without a major software change.  It appears they have the capability to manually set the date a sweepstakes ends and when the drawing takes place.


The way I suggest above would mean everybody who entered more than one sweeps would be eligible for the top prize, and then on the next one, everybody but the winner of the first one would be able to win, and so on, until all the sweeps for the previous month are settled. Rinse, repeat for the next month.

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This morning, while I reconsidered this, I remembered some employee drawings we had periodically at one place where I worked.


We would get one ticket from a supervisor or manager for doing something spectacular during a specified period leading up to the general company meeting. The supervisors could submit as many tickets as they thought were deserved. As part of the meeting, we'd be informed of several lesser prizes on the stand and a few greater prizes and one grand prize.


Most the time, those in charge would draw a ticket for the lowest value item, then the next lowest, and so on until the final pick for the grand prize. This way of drawing excluded those who won lesser prizes from winning the nicer prizes. They probably left the drawing for the grand prize for last just to keep our interest.

I still have the silverware I won during one of those. But, that's another story.


Statistically, in the overall analysis, maybe only the full bin before the drawing means anything, but I would have liked to see them draw tickets and assign them to the prizes from the top down, and just read them back in reverse order to keep the suspense. That way, all tickets would have been in play for the grand prize.


With the Rewards sweepstakes, perhaps a system could be put into place to draw all sweepstakes after the end of each month, regardless of their end date during that month, and award the highest value prize to an individual who happened to have a potential double or triple win during the month, and then award the lesser prize to the next person, and so on. I think this would be the most fair way to run a "one prize per month" system. Then, all entries would have an equal chance of winning the biggie.



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Hello Lynn,

What do you mean by "award the highest value prize to an individual who happened to have a potential double or triple win during the month, and then award the lesser prize to the next person, and so on. I think this would be the most fair way to run a "one prize per month" system. "

Does that mean based on the number of points they've bid on a daily bases on all sweepstakes entered for the month?  What's a potential double or triple win?  It reminds me of dog track racing, not very knowledgeable when it comes to gambling.

Thanks for letting me knowSmiley Happy


Have a Blessed Day,


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I agree with the dilemma of winning lesser sweepstakes and wiping out the chance for a bigger one until the next calendar month.


I can also understand on the other side why limits are put into place. Would it be fair for one person to win all three sweepstakes offered in one month and eliminate the possibility that the prizes could be spread out over more winners? We've seen how multiple wins by one can affect the rest of us who didn't get to win anything, even if we didn't have much of a chance against the odds, anyway.


With the odds against one person winning any prize, let alone more than one, a single win per month seems like it's too restrictive. Maybe the sweepstakes could be categorized based on value and then the wins restricted to one per category per person or household per month. Then, a $250 gas card wouldn't disqualify other entries for things like the $6,750 trip for two to Tuscany.



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