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Sweeps (Points Graveyard) Changes Tonight 8/18/19

Hello Rewards Warriors


How many members who are posting on the Community site are winning Sweeps?


Fewer opportunities to win based on number of prizes awarded, entries and number of members enterings.


You can submit 20 daily Sweeps entries to the (Points Graveyard) after Catalog maintenance tonight😆  This is a great way to get rid of our points before the beginning of the year😢  I'm personally not a risk taker, but good luck to those who use points on Sweeps.



Please post the Sweeps you won and Congratulations😊


No increase to card values or monthly limit of redemptions😢  Are you happy with this??


Have a Blessed Day

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Congrats on PF CHANG card wow Been a while since gone.... their Lettuce Wraps are divine... one of my family's  fav celebration places to eat. 

Enjoy it 

Ginger : )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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Hi there 

I've not won any Sweeps in new program... but also don't enter many....Won 3 or 4 ($5-$20 value) in old program like Hokie stated got automatic tickets for checking in everyday plus I used lots points for entries also won $15 card wouldn't use sent to another member so wasn't wasted.  😉


I've won 3 times maybe 4 Daily instant wins.... just won $5 Red Robin most times in past haven't entered only for Amazon ones but now since no longer a limit on wins and need use points if know someone can use I'll try hence the Red Robin for my son. 

As was posted on another thread..... increasing Sweepstakes to 20 chances from 5 same they did at end of old program... doesn't really help win more just using points but like said rarely enter Sweeps hopefully they'll follow-up on what they've said "increasing # & $ value" we may find something worth taking chance.... time will tell

Stay safe!  

Ginger  ;  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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Not a lucky winner at my house @mi4090   I won a @$10 IHOP card many years ago from the old program when I first joined it.   You got automatic entries in those days.   

I did get lucky yesterday and got the $35 P.F. Chang card.   Happy camper for that!    We are not customers but one card will pay for most of a takeout.    This is the highest value card I've gotten in the new program.

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Hello @HokiePoq 


Congratulations on your $35 P F Chang card😃  I won a $50 & $100 cards in the beginning on Weekly deals.


@MemberSince2006 Congrats to you😊


No Sweeps Winners responding, like I said "Points Graveyard"😤


 Have a Blessed Day


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I hope they will add more cards that are at least $25.I would rather have one or two cards with a higher value than more with only $5 or $10 value.I will redeem for the low value cards on the last few days of the month if I haven't found something to use points on before the next month starts.

Everything is expensive now so the higher value helps so much more.But even a $5 Dunkin card allows me to get free coffee to enjoy if I haven't been able to redeem for something else.Happy you could get the P.F.Chang card.Seldom are food cards offered that can be used in my area.So most of my redemptions are movie based.

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I guess there aren't any Sweeps winners, just another way to lose your points😢


Have a Blessed Day


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