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Re: Have the instant win games disappeared?

Hello @a655132b 

Angela, I won an Instant Win and looked at the Winners List and I'm not on it anywhereSmiley Surprised  This is why I'm questioning the Winners List.  I won the $5 Amazon Instant Win on 10/4 for 50 pts, look at the list.  I'm Marylin I. in Tennessee, it's not there.  Management posted about a problem with Instant Daily/Wkly wins and removed them from site.  I'd like to know when the problem started?  Maybe we've been using points unnecessarily and winners names being made up.  Since I'm not on the Winners List I shouldn't be restricted to (1) Win monthly limit when they return.

What do you think about this?


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Apart from the obvious glitches in navigation, etc. The site seems less intuitive than ever.

My primary question had to do with the "Daily Instant Win" (there hasn't been a new offer since Friday, Oct. 4) and the "Weekly Instant Win" (there isn't a new one, and though last week's was given a closing date of Oct. 8, it has been impossible to enter since last Friday, Oct. 4).

What's going wrong? Transparency might help here: if you posted a clear explanation up front on the Rewards home page (server problems, tech issues), it would save time for those of us searching for a workaround, save frustration, and keep you from a flood of notes such as this one asking what the heck is going on. We can be patient– and we generally appreciate this benefit of AARP membership!– but it would help to know that you at AARP Rewards are aware of the problems.

P.S. I posted this in another forum topic a few days back (no reply, it seems), but thought I'd add my 2¢ here.

Does anyone at AARP Rewards ever actually answer such questions, or is this forum merely therapy for frustrated members?

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Hello @StevenC696400 

Management posted about stopping the Daily/Wkly Instant Wins on around 10/3; now the their post has disappeared.  I have questions concerning these Instant Win games.  I won the $5 Amazon Daily Instant Win on 10/4 and they stopped after that, my name didn't appear on the Winners List.  Due to my name not being on the Winners List,  I shouldn't be held to the (1) win monthly limit.

Are the Winners List real?


Management stated in their post that the Daily/Wkly Instant Wins would return when the issues were resolved.

Have a Blessed Day,



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Click on red banner where it shows your rewards points. On the next screen choose to redeem your points. Scroll down to where is says the need instant winners. Click on that and the daily instant win will come on the screen.

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