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Question about Fill Up Your Cart & Fueled Up Sweepstakes


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Thanks! again nax for asking 😉


Thanks! Janelle for that info really appreciate your reply that's wonderful... so pretty much like winning cash since assume we could say Walmart or Sam's🤗🤗😁

Possibly Amazon? 

Have a beautiful day 

Ginger  :  ) 

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@naxos Great question! The retailer will be decided once we have the winner's location so we can ensure that the card will be usable in their area 😀


@rednexsrus @andrewtoo @gm5271 @a170938b 



Thank you, Janelle.

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@a170938b You're welcome!

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RIGHT ON !!!! 

I checked the official rules myself, I know it surprises everyone but I do not trust HelloWorld          AT ALL. I too wanted to know who was the vendor for the fuel sweepstakes card and the grocery card. There was no mention in the rules as to the aforementioned vendors. It would not surprise me if the fuel vendor was only available in ALASKA and the grocery vendor in Hawaii. They probably have an expiration on them too.  🤔

Above all, don't forget according to the rules you can only win one Sweepstakes, THAT'S IT

One sweepstakes in your lifetime, or one per year, thats the hook, it's not spelled out in the official rules. 

Just Saying 

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I too am interested in the answer to these questions.  Do we have a choice of food chain, because if it is the Albertsons or Safeway chain then I can't use it and do we have a choice of gas station chains, I can't use Exxon/Mobile? 😕



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We will insure that you have a brand (i.e. Safeway, Kroger, BP, etc.) that is near you and if not you will receive something you can use in your area.

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Not that I'll win, but thank you for the clarification! I do appreciate the communication here lately, and how AARP is striving to remedy some recent issues. It really means a lot. Have a great Labor Day weekend! 🙂

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Hey Andrew. Here's betting that we do NOT receive an answer from either @AARPTeri or

@AARPjannelle (hope i spelled that right) on this question.

Just Saying

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How much was your bet? 😉 



They might not know either. Hopefully they will obtain that information for us.



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Hey nax

Your not alone in wondering what retailers cards would be from....I wondered also & felt on chance its Safeway /Exon/Mobile/Kroger ???

I couldn't use those therefore didn't enter either

Thanks for asking 

Hopefully more info will be provided 

Ginger ;  )

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