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No Sweepstakes on the Redeem Page

I went to enter a couple of sweepstakes this morning and noticed that there are none on the Redeem Page.  Do they all get taken down at the end of the month or is there a problem that they are missing?

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Community Manager

Come back tomorrow as we will be updating that page with new sweeps for May!

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It seems kind of silly when I receive the Friday newsletter, with links to enter sweepstakes that have been removed. But it’s the typical thing for those of us on the West Coast, I presume. We are basically shorted a day, unless we wake up at the crack of dawn, and get entries in before 6 AM West Coast time.

in the case of the newsletter, I received it just after 10 AM my time, so that’s four hours after the links to the cited sweepstakes were removed.



I need to keep my focus only on spending down my points since the oddities of how the program works, or doesn’t work, continue to annoy/frustrate me.

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Same with me, I get an email for last chance to enter sweepstakes and it has already passed before the end of the day. Come on in this day and age of such advanced computer systems can’t something be done for us on the West Coast?  AARP coordinators can you please respond?

 Thank you 

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Newsletter arrived on east coast at 1pm.  Looks like the Sweepstakes team and the Marketing team need to coordinate better, the info needed is at the bottom of the email "Entry by 4/30/2021 at 8:59 a.m. ET".


I'm guessing if I wanted another entry I could have put some in after midnight ET, but I've already blown 1.25MM "points" with no wins so not really eager to do that. 🙄

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My AARP Community:

I cry when I read your input about the system, the emails, the rewards, the whole ordeal for me being new Member on the website & its frustrated me I'm not sure what to do any more.

I hate having to throw my points away & not win. Yes I can donate them to AARP when that is available-that would help me as an AARP Member. I sure would like to win & the emails I forgot to call AARP Rewards for 100 points to be added to my account for the last week event.

It is a cry of sorrow my heart is broken does hurt.

Stay Healthy!!!😭

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