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eBay Gift Card

12,000 Points$5 Value

Available Now 


Enjoy a beautiful day! 

Try setup for us use as Main thread as they do with codes.... maybe it'll work either way I'm grateful for all who post info sure helps out Thanks! 

Ginger :  ) 



 Rainforest Café     Gift Card          Sold Out/ Extinct


$10.00 Value          23,000 Point
 This Card is issued by MOCGC, Corp. and may be used to purchase goods and services  # at any Landry’s, Inc. or affiliated location in the U.S. ( #  There are exceptions/ exclusions )
Click here to find out where/ more info ------>  Brand Listing (
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Kohl's Gift Card  Sold Out  (03232023)

22,000 Points

$10 Value
Share your love for amazing style, incredible savings and easy shopping—all wrapped up into one gift card! With a Kohl’s Gift Card, you always get more from every dollar with exceptional value on the brands you love, like Nike, Dyson, Keurig, Jennifer Lopez and more. The best part? Kohl’s Gift Cards are accepted at stores nationwide and online at, and they never expire.
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Happy Shopping !

Pinkberry® Gift Card 16,000 Points $5 Value

Aéropostale gift card 15,000 Points $5 Value

Nordstrom Rack gift card 18,000 Points $5 Value 

The Container Store gift card 17,000 Points$5 Value MEMBERS ONLY 

Blimpie® gift card 12,000 Points $5 Value

Baja Fresh Gift Card 12,000 Points $5 Value




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Hey Kelly,
Thanks for all the information around the site
that you post.
You are truly an asset.
One thing that makes it hard to tell if something
is sold out (or only a few left) from the email notice is when you do not
mention the Brand/$amount of the card that has
sold out in the text of the email (or copy a pic to the posting).
Like below, it does not tell me which card sold out (or only a few left)
so I have to click on it and open it to see it.  You do
a lot to identify the item but the "tags" don't go through
to our email notices.
Maybe you could copy put the Brand of card and the
dollar amount in the text of the post or an image? 
Email notice example below.
Thank you so much for all you do,
partial copy of email:
Partial Email Notice.jpg
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Domino's Gift Card - $5 for 16,000 points, Members only.  This card is not showing when you filter for 'points'.  Must look at 'all rewards'.  It shows up there.

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Domino's Gift Card Only a few left!  Sold Out

16,000 Points
$5 Value

You were right at first, but is now showing up with filters on - any how, thanks for 'first alert/ notice'  Dominos ( Update - 4:00 p.m.- ish - Now Sold Out ) ( lasted about - less 6 hours)


 Just got it and "I did receive email redemption within minutes --> "Your Reward is Here✔️    😎


...but, still 'no email redemption for 'Home Depot  gift card'  😡 


Update: ~ 3:30 p.m. est - Just got the Home Depot - Redemption E-mail 🙂

(but have not checked the balance yet....)


I hope what's happened in the past doesn't happen again. They refund the points but you've lost one of your three redemptions for March

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I totally agree Karyn, especially the part about loosing a redemption. We are only allowed 3 measly redemption's for the entire month and when this happens and we lose one, it really sucks.

AARPTeri and AARPJanelle do a very important sometimes thankless job in this rewards program and sometimes they are put behind the eight ball by admin when it comes to refunds and fixes, but I do think they could help us a little more in getting a lost redemption restored. To heck with the points refund, that redemption is pure gold for some of us, after all it's never our fault, just another in a long list of failures by our tech support team/programmers. A very significant reason for redemption's to be increase to 5 per month if we are not to be compensated for the lost.   

 Just Saying 

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Hmmm...Slow or non-existent email confirmations

with links to a redeemed card.  Just another

weekend of shenanigans.☘

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🍀shenanigans.☘ 🍀 all we get 💔 😒


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Shenanigans are for Leprechauns...

& St. Patrick’s Day is over!

R.I.P. Leprechaun LOL!R.I.P. Leprechaun LOL!



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I got an email saying I won $100 gift card to Old Navy.  I'll give it the 8 weeks they claim...

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Hello everyone 🤗. I just wanted to say Congratulations on your Win @jserramcorde. I'm just waiting and hoping for the day I can post those words "WON" a Sweepstakes or even a IWG . Wish we still had the Auctions. Great days that are Gone but not forgotten. I'm just saying 

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The Home Depot Gift Card

15,000 Points

$5 Value


Sorry, folks - Now Out Of Stock* as of ~10:44 a.m. est     ( Oh, It was a Members Only Gift Card )   ~ ~(  people are not receiving 'Redemption emails = no 'Gift Card' - for those of us who properly redeemed and points deducted )


Update 3:30 p.m. est  3-21-23 - Received 'Home Depot' Redemption E-mail....  with the following:


                         " Hi, my real name,


We’re sorry if you received an error while trying to use your points for a $5 Home Depot Gift Card – we apologize for the inconvenience and have included a link to get your reward below."     ....


😐  As fast as you can hammer a nail *

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Hi, my real name......


Take care ☮️~Allen 🌈



In the pre-dawn hours this morning, I was able to redeem for the "Home Despot" card, and this was confirmed in my Transactions History under Redemptions.


But, here it is 12 hours later and I have not yet received the confirmation email (which almost always arrives within minutes of redeeming). I checked my spam folder and it's not there either. 


Hoping that Admin can promptly make things right here without this ballooning up into a full-scale apology-and-delay snafu on the scale of the Carnival cruise gift-card catastrophes.


I redeemed for it over an hour ago and so did my husband.  So far no email with the gift card for either one of us.  Maybe it is another one of their problems.  They can take the points but not deliver the card.  That's why I don't purchase many gift cards here.  Certainly not big purchases, only $14 or under.  Too many posts about people being charged hundreds of dollars and then fighting to get the cards.

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Well hopefully you have better luck than I did.  In January I tried to redeem a points only gift card.  I got a message saying the redemption happened but it would take awhile to update my points. I never got the email for the card, and when I went back to try again it was sold out. My points were never updated, so I didn't lose those, but I wasn't able to get the gift card I really wanted. Very disappointing, since these popular gift cards always sell out really fast and it's hard enough to get them when things are working, as opposed to trying to get them when the website is acting up.


I am sorry that happened to you.  I too hope I have better luck.  The difference for me is they did deduct the points.  I took screen shots.of the transaction.  And currently the transaction history shows that I redeemed the points for the Home Depot card.  Just no card.


And here I was thinking what a little birthday surprise for me to get a card I could use.  Instead my gift is another problem to have to resolve with AARP.  Happy Birthday to me!


I confirm with you. I just checked my email - no email; usually I would receive an email within minutes.  😢   ( points were deducted from my Point Totals )


...But, I did receive 10 spam emails that begin with URL " newsletter@ ~ ~ "  😠


Update: ~  still no 'redemption email'


😓   Update 3:30 p.m. est  3-21-23 - Received 'Home Depot' Redemption E-mail....  with the following:


                         " Hi, my real name,


We’re sorry if you received an error while trying to use your points for a $5 Home Depot Gift Card – we apologize for the inconvenience and have included a link to get your reward below."    

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Thank you!


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Come on, peeps, there are some here that utilize this place as their 'go-to' (to include myself) when there are new thingies available for points.


So, those that do come here to post, please give some kudos/appreciation to the OP? When I came here, tonight, and only see 9 kudos, I'm thinking that Ginger needs more love!


Go! Go! Go! Give some love, why don't cha... 


@Therapist4u, @OneDayMatisyahu,@Karyn8@JohnM53618, @JoLo49,@J896552,@andrewtoo,@jd5928561,@al45009948,@BillD916633,@AnneG461594,@KennethG683811,@sl75349320, @rednexsrus, etc....


Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Hello everyone 🤗. You're absolutely right. I'd like to give  Kudos 👍 to the people that help us with our Rewards program issues and other problems. The thing is I would be giving kudos practically half the day. So I want to give KUDOS to those of you who give their time and patience to help us all. And Kudos to those who bring errors and problems to everyones attention. Now if we could only give KUDOS to those Sponsors of the Rewards Program. I'm just saying KUDOS to everyone 

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Social Butterfly


Thanks Kelly!

🤗Your a Sweetie 👑

Truly not necessary but Thanks! Truly appreciate yours and others watchful eyes that keeps us informed of offers... You all rock 😎 It's so very helpful to us all

Have a beautiful weekend 

Ginger  ;  )


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Members Only e-Gift Card  Sold Out

21,000 Points
$10 Value
With brands for every lifestyle, provides a one-stop online shopping experience for everyone. Create entire outfits by exploring the millions of clothes, handbags, shoes, and more on We carry the best in brand names as well as emerging designers, top trends, and outfits handpicked by our team of stylists. As always, our fast, free shipping and return shipping, 365-day return policy, 24/7 Customer Loyalty Team, and amazing selection of brands await you. Visit and get in on the happiness!
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Thank you Kelly!

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Under Armour Gift Card  Only a few left!  Sold Out

18,000 Points

$10 Value


Under Armour® is one of the world’s most technical performance apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. The mission is clear: Under Armour makes you better. How? By inspiring you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without. See the innovations that help you run farther, train harder, get stronger, and recover faster so you can reach your goals. All it takes is hard work and the WILL to succeed.




 Pinkberry   Gift Card


$5.00 Value         16,000 Points


'Pinkberry is the tart frozen yogurt brand from Los Angeles, CA. In 2005 the brand reignited the frozen yogurt phenomenon.'




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