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Dear Teri and Janelle,

As most of our questions posted here are not answered / addressed, I have been thinking that we might not do it correctly. Should we address the important questions to someone else?  Please give us the info in that case, Should we create a new topic when the questions might be embedded in a discussion?

I have noticed that only the most basic ones are addressed, the ones that are so simple that they can be taken care off by a phone call or just by looking at the AARPRewards website (as for the new daily deal i.e. which we can easily discover after 2pm ET; though no question is ever asked for that of course).

As an example, the thread Unusual Happenings started on 04/14/2021 has vital questions, worries, concerns, interests and even conspiration theories. Please look into it and tell us what we should do to get answers. Thank you so much to both of you.

Retired Community Manager

@a170938b I've just responded in the Unusual Happenings thread. You should continue to post your questions as you currently do and know that we read all posts that come in. When more detailed questions are asked we appreciate your patience as sometimes it can take us a little longer than normal to get you the right answer. 


Thank you, Briana

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