Extra Credit offers change?

I haven't been tracking all Extra Credit items from the beginning of the month, but it seems the list is different than a couple weeks ago. One would think the Extra Credit list should be stable through the end of the month.


One might argue that one or the other was sold out. Again, for extra credit, any "sold out" items should be replenished and sold as needed. That's what Extra Credit means to me. You do the extra work, you can reap the reward, not have it pulled out from underneath you.


Moving targets are not a great incentive for doing any extra credit.




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Hello @rednexsrus & @ralmon 


Lucy & Ray after I went through the Extra work to get Extra Credit for the Amazon card and it was gone, so was I.  


Lucy, thanks for the update on Outback & P.F. Chang😉


First and last time with extra work for nothing😕


Have a Blessed & Safe Day


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I definitely know about the rug getting pulled. I had saved a few Omaha Steak cards and had one reward left. I was waiting to see what else may be offered, and when I decided to go ahead and use my last reward for the month on another Omaha Steak Card they pulled it. I mentioned this in another post that I thought the Extra Credits were good for the entire month. What a Joke !

Anyway, I have concluded that the old adage of “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”.

On another note fellow rewarders, I got some bad news yesterday from our local news channel listing all the restaurants that would be permanently closing due to Covid-19 in my area. Guess what ? Two of my Extra Credits were on that list ( Outback and P.F. Chang ) that news came in just in time as I was fixing to buy the $30 Outback Card. Really cuts into my choices now with one reward left for this month. It ain’t gonna be UNO Pizzeria and Grill.

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Extra Credit seems no different from the regular offering. What is "Extra" about it, AARP?


Here is how AARP could do it to make it special again: take any redemptions as pre-purchase orders. Tally up at the end of the month, buy as many as have been ordered and send them out. No need to pull the rug out from under us as has been happening.


We already get a notice that "Extra Credit" is about to expire, so we should be able to wait until the end of the month to apply redemptions. That's how coupons with expiration dates work, in a way.


Stores will even give rain checks for items not immediately available, so the coupon, or "extra credit", as it were, would still have that extra value.




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