Carnival gift cards

It looks to me like the Carnival gift cards are gone!


Am I looking in the wrong spot?


No I think your right I been looking all day, you can buy them but not at 10% off.

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Community Manager

@David3520  and @juditha99205   They will be back!  I will update this thread when we have an issue resolved with them.


When will the Carnival gift cards be back? It's a big factor determining if I will renew membership. 

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So how long does this take?  I thought your company stated it would be an easy transition to this AARP Rewards program.  Really?  I only use my points for Carnival purchases and some odd sweepstakes entry.  When are the cards coming back?  I have a cruise to pay for! 

Donna Frizzell
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Any update? Hate to have to put a dispute in on the CC but this is a bit ridiculous!

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Since we were unable to purchase our limited amount for Spetember will our Sept allotment be carried over to October? 


Thanks for the update. Please let us know when they come back as we are looking at getting them for an upcoming cruise.

I liked the physical cards, because I have never had a problem using them on the ship to deposit into my On Board Account.


I had an issue with a Walmart Ecard trying to use it at a cash register because the ecard had a specific way of entering it that this particular employee did not know.  I eventually got it, but the people behind me in what was an express line were not happy.


At least using the Carnival Ecard to pay for the cruise up front can be dealt with because you are usually paying well in advance.  Imagine being on the cruise and finding you have no money to spend.

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@RussellP197074   Had the same problem with a Kroger card the other day.  It eventually worked with the help of a more experienced clerk but held up the line.  The physical cards we used to get with the old program never had these issues.

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@AARPTeri - what about those of us who have already purchased one without the PIN?  Customer support seems to be giving very mixed answers (last night I was told to call back first thing this morning, this morning I was told it could take 3 to 5 days to resolve).


I would like to book a cruise and would like to use the gift card that I purchased to do so - I'm just looking for an ETA on the resolution process.


Thanks in advance

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