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10-20% discount off gift cards not reflective of true "discount"

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10-20% discount off gift cards not reflective of true "discount"

AARP Rewards, please consider offering MORE higher priced gift cards, or as already mentioned numerous times for rewards points only.  For example, if my "average" cost of a purchase at Boston Market is $45.00 then purchasing a $15.00 Boston Market gift card for $12.00 just provides me a savings of $3.00 on a $45.00 purchase (not exactly 20%!).

  Having a savings of $1.00 on a $5.00 gift card or $2.00 on a $10 gift card is not beneficial to most users -- especially when restricted to three AARP Rewards purchases a month.

Thanks 🙂

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Hi dolphin 

FYI regarding your post

Limit is 5 not 3 purchases a month for discounted gift cards (can find this on bottom each gift card purchase page) 

3 per month applies to Points only gift cards


I'm in total agreement that it's not worth time or credit card charge to save a $1 or 2 

Stay safe enjoy your day! 

Ginger  ;  )

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