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Re: Why do we hold ourselves back - ready for more, not less?

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@retiredtraveler - Some posts are very organic & helpful; they speak from personal experience & the heart. Others posts may look motivational, the tone can be pushy more than encouraging. 

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Re: Why do we hold ourselves back - ready for more, not less?

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retiredtraveler wrote:

   I don't get it...................... 

The three kinds of people (from a long ago manager's seminar) and based on my recollection. 


Leaders  10% (of pop.)  become leaders inside and or outside of their own lives. Willing to take those extra steps.

Followers  80%   content to follow or be part of the general group. 

Other 10%  


This is an example of theory


Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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Re: Why do we hold ourselves back - ready for more, not less?

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".... What's holding YOU back?....".


I have wondered that about people for most of my life. My opinion has always been that people are simply lazy --- no profound psychological insights needed. If you want to be fit and healthy, you have to work at it. If you want to handle your finances, you have to read/study and work at it. If you didn't like your job or career, you needed to plan, possibly go to night school, and spend your weekends studying. You had to work at it.

    Instead, people choose to sit and watch TV, play video games, complain about how they don't like the way they look, feel, or their worsening health. But they can't get motivated to actually do something, except in a very small percentage of cases.

   It has always eluded why people are like that. DW and I went through life making things happen, planning, following through. I totally fail to understand why most people wouldn't want to do that. We're not talking about sailing around the world, solo, here.

  How can someone, especially if retired, complaining that they're overweight, don't feel healthy, don't like how they look, won't work out for and hour or two a day to change all that. What else are you doing? Epster posts this kind of thing almost daily, but people just can't get motivated.

   I don't get it...................... 

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Why do we hold ourselves back - ready for more, not less?

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Dear AARP Community - I am new here...Now 60ish, I have been traversing some stuff - challenges - and recognizing that so much of what leads to illness is our perceived limitations. Suddenly my freinds are chatting about all that they can't do. Yikes! So I started a blog over on LinkedIn called Elephant on a String - What's holding YOU back?


If you might be feeling as I do - ready for more, not less - I'm writing a blog for each day of Feb. to celebarte our heart's desires...I sure hope that they are of are the links to the 1st 3 days...Blessings...And if you want to tell me what I can do to offer more value - please send me a note 


Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

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