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Re: What was your longest job?

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There's a big difference between working for a company x years, and being in a particular position y years! I spent almost all of my career with Con Edison (28 years & 6 weeks), until they sold the power plant at which I was working. But during that time, I had numerous assignments, so it never got boring. I don't think any one assignment lasted more than 5 years; if you stay in the same place too long, it's like you're losing ground in most companies.

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Re: What was your longest job?

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My longest job was working at a local hosptial here in Buffalo as a pharmacy assistant for 27yrs,3 days/wk.I started out as a volunteer in the dept for 1 yr 1/2,volunteering 3-4 mornings/wk. I finally got my job after applying for an opening

In the beginning,I loved my job which entailed delivering narcotics to nursing units/specialty labs,lots of paperwork.My co-workers could depend on me  because I was{still am} a very organized person,rarely called in sick. Once in awhile I would get a call on my days off,asking if I could come to work,we were always short staffed.

I worked with a senior pharm assistant, Evelyn who trained me,for 23 yrs we worked side by side,she became a 'surrogate mom'/mentor&friend.When she retire, it was never the same. I got along with the senior assistant who took her place.The last 3 yrs I forced myself to come to work to a job I hated. I took early retirement 6 yrs ago,so glad I left when I did. Sue

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Re: What was your longest job?

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I haven't worked for anyone else, so cannot state that I was an omelet flipper at Marriott for X years (though your tenure at AARP is certainly impressive!). That said, in every one of my jobs, beginning with passionate letters to the courts way back when in order to achieve emancipation, I have been a writer. I wrote scripts, press releases, news articles, feature articles, business briefs, brochures, mailers, commercials, how-to (white) papers, web content, a non-fiction book, novels and lots and lots of gabby posts here. Smiley Happy  DH and I were just talking about my next computer ... we ruled out an iPad, because, as he said it: "You're a word girl. You need a keyboard." 


Of all these things the novel writing was my least favorite, because, at least for me, it's consumptive.



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What was your longest job?

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There is a great article about a 79 year omelet flipper for Marriott that is their longest serving employee.  I have been here for almost 22 years.  What is your longest stay at a job?  Did you love it?


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