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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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I would have to say that right now is the happiest time of my life. My wife and I have been blessed with a very good life but right now I am most content. We are retired, our kids and their families are  close to us and we see them regularly, we have loving grand-kids, my wife and I are happy with each other, our health is good, we are doing well financially and we do just about what ever we want. I have a life full of fond memories but right now is the best!

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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Soosie talking about SC makes me think of a childhood trip there.  I think I wrote about it once, perhaps in "Writing Memoirs" but it's nice to revisit it.


I was actually born in Charleston, SC although my parents moved back to their home town of Atlanta before I was a year old.  Perhaps it was all the stories I'd heard my mother tell, as she really liked living there and I don't think she wanted to leave, but when we went back on a vacation when I was about 12 I felt right at home.  I can't really imagine my parents doing this, but one day they allowed me and my sister to go on our own for a few hours in Downtown Charleston.  If I was 12 my sister was 9 and we felt so grown up.  I don't remember how much money we had, but we had a bit, probably whatever our allowences were.


One of the things we had heard my mother talk about was all the deli's in Charleston, as they didn't really have them in Atlanta, or at least not in our area.  Paula and I found one of the deli's and noticed they had cheesecake that they sold by the pound, like we would buy ground beef or something.  We pooled our money and asked how much chessecake we could get.  He cut a slab and wrapped it in white butcher paper.  Our next problem was where to go to eat and we noticed an old church with a connecting cemetary with the old tombstones and Spanish moss hanging from the old trees.  It looked cool and inviting so we headed there and ate our cheesecake while sitting on a cool marble tombstone.  After we feasted we read some of the stones, many of which had complete histories of the people who were buried there.


I'm not certain we ever told my mother about how we had spent our money.  I'm pretty sure we never told her where we had chosen to eat it.  I don't think she would have approved, but it was a great afternoon.

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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RetiredTraveler makes a good distinction, between "Best Memory" and "Happiest Time" in our lives!


My best memory was going to a glitzy event in Manhattan, when I was going out with my last BF. I'd lost a lot of weight & looked hot, and he was very good looking.


The happiest time of my life, was after I retired, was no longer a caregiver, finally found & settled into a house on the shore! I had no job or family stress, was financially comfortable, had started making friends & connecting with the community.

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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I grew up in S. C. and remember my first trip to Myrtle Beach. I would return many times, but two times stand out in my memory. Once, I went on my motorcycle and got some cheers for doing a good slow ride down the main drag. The second time that stands out is when I went to Fat Harolds and found a good partner to dance the "shag." For those who do not know what this is, it is the state dance. I call it the lazy man's jitterbug. I have a friend who made the mistake of asking someone from England if they would like to shag with her. It seems "shag" has a totally different meaning for the British. She said she had some explaining to do.

The memory that always makes me smile is when they put my adopted son in my arms. He was eight weeks old and we had instant love. I didn't know until years later that I could not have a child, but I would not change things one bit. He is my love and joy.

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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The happiest time in my life was the year I went to Myrtle Beach when I was 10.  We camped out on the beach.  Everyday, the Krispy Kreme truck would go by selling doughnuts.  Everytime we went cyling, we would get thrown over into a sand dune by the wind.  All the campers decided to take a shower at the same time so the water was cold.  But everything we experienced was something new and different for me.  It was wonderful!

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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Patty, it does sound like an idyllic time straight from a movie. 


My early childhood was very happy and sceure.  I lived wth my youngish grandparents, they were 40 & 48 when I was born.  Then I came to live with my mom when I was 9 and found out the world did not revolve around me.  It would have been nice to find that out more gradually!


My first 2 years of high school were great as well as the senior year in college.  Things were still new and full of surprises.    Later life calmed down and there were not so many low points but the high points were less pronounced too.

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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I think in many ways my happiest time was when I was married for the first time.  This does not mean that it was problem-free.  We were broke, as a lot of couples were.  We tried to save up enough money for a pizza on Saturday night. but it was an exciting time.  I very much related to the movie "Barefoot in the Park".  We lived in an apartment in downtown Atlanta in an old building in which we were the only married couple.  It was a building dating from the '20's and the other occupants were widows who had lived there for years and gay men.  My husband worked at night much of the time and many of the other occupants sort of adopted me.


It was in an area that had a high population of artists and musicians and most nights we received a concert with the music drifting from around the corner or across the street.  There was one singer who must have had a job as a waiter someplace while trying to be discovered.  Many times we would hear him singing his way down the street below our window at about 2 AM.  I never saw anything but the top of his head since we lived on the 2nd floor, but I enjoyed his music.


During that period of time I got a promotion and a raise.  It wasn't a lot, but each little bit was cause for celebration.  My inlaws were great and before they moved back into town we visited them in Baltimore and took a couple of trips to New York for more adventure.  I bought my first house and got my first dog.


This does not mean there weren't problems but I was still idealistic enough to believe in the fairy tales and "happily ever after".  I really thought I could solve all the problems.  It came as a rude awakening to know that there were some problems I just couldn't solve.


On the other hand, I agree with retiredtraveler.  Right now is pretty good.  There are a lot of problems I've solved and I can do pretty much as I wish, a freedom that I could never have had when I was younger.  Whereas I would not want to return to my 20's and relive the past 50 years, it's sometimes a nice place to go for a visit in my mind.

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Re: What was the happiest time in your life?

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There is a difference between 'happiest time' and more singular, 'happiest memory'. I have good childhood memories, even though my parents were not Ward and June Cleaver. Some happiest memories are going to Grandparent's farm. Others are playing in a (blues) band in high school and college along with playing with orchestra, band, marching band, pit band --- music in general. Lots of stress with practice, but lots of fun performances. 

   Best time of life is pretty much since retirement. No work stress, no financial stress, lots of travel, can indulge in many activities at my leisure rather than having to get things done in the evening, or weekend, because of working.   

   Possibly best singular moment was going to the Canadian Rockies for the first time, maybe getting the first 'real', full-time job out of college.... Or, was it the honeymoon... Smiley Wink


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What was the happiest time in your life?

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Share your happiest memory and see how many are similar or different than your's.

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