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Was that rider?

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Ok, so my hearing is not what it once was.  The wife of our Youth Pastor stopped me and asked, "Are you a rider."  At least that is what my ears heard.  I told her my ride is parked and has been for awhile, but I really enjoyed it for years.  I asked if she had heard of the Motor Maids.  The next Sunday I asked what she rode after she told me she found a local group.  She looked at me a little funny.  It seems she had asked me about my writing, not my riding.  It is hard to be an old writer/rider.  I don't know how she kept a straight face during all of my mistake, but I now know what to talk to her about and hope we can get together to compare our interest and show some of our writing.  If so, I will tell her to meet me at the library under "Roger Wrabbit."