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Re: First car

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A Gremlin. New at the time (I think it was a '70). Car was so cheap there was no glovebox door --- just the opening.  Can't really recall how much I paid. I do remember tinkering with it --- glasspack, pushing up the timing to get more ooomph (while knocking like crazy).  In those days, I actually did the tuneups. Some of you remember using a timing light.   

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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First car

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What was your first car?  Love to hear about the different cars everyone first owned

Mine was a '62 Chevy Impala, 2 door hardtop. Forgot if it was SS, don't think so.  Light , light yellow.  Paid $1,200.00 in '69.  Wish I still had it.   Just had a 283 ,  whatever that means.  I am a lady, so don't know that much about cars. Well, i know a little actually, as my husband taught me about cars...even helped him work on. 


A lot of good memories,  still have a picture...

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