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Re: Climb a Tree!

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I was a tree climber.


Once, I climbed a tree that was so tall, that my view was, (of all the tops of the trees), above the highest of the canopy of the entire forest.


I could only sit there.

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Climb a Tree!

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My parents took the family to Yellowstone park for a summer vacation.  The park had a numerous  amount of bears and my father wanted to give us tips what to do, if we see a bear. He told us to line up and said, " now kids if you see a bear, I want you to climb a tree"! He was in the military, so he was pacing back and forth like a Sargent while giving us kids the instructions.  We tried to get his attention, but he was firm into telling us to climb a tree, so we pointed up toward the tree and there was a mama bear and her two cubs sitting in the tree! My daddy looked up and said, " As God is my secret judge, I didn't know bears could climb trees"! We still laugh about that adventure to this day! 

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