I was traveling from London to Paris during a college break. A penpal lived in St Menehould outside of Paris and I was hoping to stay with her but I wasn't able to get in touch before I boarded the bus. During the bus ride, I chit chatted with a few other passengers, mainly a French woman, Sophie,  who seemed to be just a few years older than me. It was my chance to practice speaking in French! She was very patient and kind. The next leg of the trip was the Hovercraft over the English Channel. It was a bit rough and I stayed in my seat the entire ride. After that, it was back on a bus and I ended up sitting next to Sophie again. It was close to midnight when we were nearing the Paris train station. Sophie asked me where I was going next. I told her about my penpal, that I guess I would have to wait until morning to try to reach her and I would just stay in the train station overnight. She said "NO! You cannot stay there overnight. It's too dangerous. Come home with me amd I will help you contact your friend in the morning." This sounds crazy to me now but I went with her. I trusted her. She had a lovely little apartment and gave me something to eat ( I hardly had any money) The next morning she brought me back to the train station after getting in touch with my penpal and put me on the right train to St Menehould. It all turned out fine thanks to Sophie, who I think of as a guardian angel ! I wrote to her a couple of times to say thank you but never heard back. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her very generous random act of kindness.

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