i have been buying the fabric, backing and stuffing and i make cat and dog beds and i donate them to the shelters. i wanted every pet to feel secure, so when a pet would get adopted, they took their bed. i have been doing this for over five years. i usually spend over $1000 and more each year. a lot of the beds they use them for raffles to be able to buy items they need at the shelters. i love going to a shelter and seeing a pet sleeping on a bed i made. this year, after  making around 500 beds, i felt something was missing. i felt like i wasn't doing enough. i sent 2 beds to a shelter down south where a german shepherd was shot and they were looking for a soft bed for the dog to lay on. i sent them 2 one for the dog and one for them to raffle off for medicine for the dog, after i started checking out shelters down south and found that they have a lot of pets in kill shelters. they had a basset hound and i already have one, i let them know i wanted to adopt this dog. i gave them a check and they had him transported to different states until he came to rhode island. we picked him up, sight unseen,and took him home to his forever home. he has given us so much pleasure. we love him.i wish more people would adopt from a kill shelter

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What a sweet idea .. and the animal taking it to their new home with them, to have something familiar-smelling!

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