A couple years ago we were on our way from Florida to Pennsylvania and had stopped for the night. Our trip was to surprise our grandchildren for Christmas, whom we had not seen in over a year. Of course we had to tell our daughter and son-in-law, so it wasn't a surprise for them, except for the fact that we were coming. 

When we travel, we don't eat big meals until we stop for the night. So off we went to the restaurant next to our chosen hotel. There were only a few diners at the time, and we thought nothing of this at the time. After a great meal, and feeling like pigs after a trip to the trough our server asked if we wanted dessert of course, but we were too full.

We sat waiting for the bill, and our server came and told us the bill had been paid by an anonymous person. We were flabbergasted to say the least. This had never happened to us before. We looked around us, but couldn't identify the beautiful person who did this for us. Of course we left our server a generous tip and our thanks to her and the beautiful person.

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