• I've worked in the medical field for many years.  I would care for young and old.  I would see their lives develop from school graduations, engagements, weddings, babies and so on.  One little boy named Cooper was a regular in our office would sit with me while his mother was being seen by the doctor.  We would color, play cards or trucks.  Whatever he would bring in to share.  One day he carefully carried in a beautiful star made of various colored melted crayons.  I had never seen anything like this.  It was a gift for me!  He was so proud when I hung it on my office wall.  He would check each visit to see if it was still there.  On my final day before my retirement I took it down remembering all our fun times together.  It now sits on my computer desk where I can reflect on a little boys giving heart...

  • My husband was terminally ill and I was caring for him full time. I was exhausted and concerned about our finances. Early one morning, the doorbell rang. By the time I got to the door, no one was there but there was a plastic shopping bag hanging on the screen-door handle. I looked inside and found well over $3,000 in cash, all in small and medium bills. A minute later, the phone rang and the person on the other end asked me if I had found the bag. When I asked who I could thank, the person said, “It doesn’t matter. Just know that you are both loved.” And then he hung up. I never found out who was responsible or who knocked on our door that morning.

  • A few days before Christmas, while waiting for family members in the "cell phone lot" at the airport, one of the children unknowingly knocked my purse out of the car !!!

    When the passengers called to be picked up, I drove off leaving the purse in the middle of the parking lot !

    A wonderful stranger found the purse -- looked through it for emergency contact infomation -- and called several of my contacts, to inform them that he had found the purse !

    This beautiful "angel" refused the reward I offered.  He would not even accept a cup of coffee -- only a Christmas hug of gratitude.  All money and credit cards were untouched ! 

    Thank You, my "Christmas Miracle!". 

    This was truly a random act of kindness.  Pass the blessings on! 


  • Once, when I was eight years old, my family went to the New Jersey shore. Not being a swimmer, my activity in the water consisted of holding on to the float line (at a depth up to my waist) that ran perpendicular to the shore and jumping over the waves as  they came in. An older woman was doing the same thing in front of me. I figured that she couldn't swim either.


    A large wave came at us and pulled me under the water, spinning me in circles. She must have turned around, saw what had happened to me, grabbed my bathing suit, and pulled me up out of the water to safety. I was coughing and stunned. I thanked her and immediately went back to shore to my parents. I told them how a woman stopped me from drowning and saved my life.


    The next summer, my parents sent me to Girl Scout Camp to learn how to swim.Fifty-seven years later, I have that woman to thank for my being here today to type this Random Act of Kindness story.

  • When I arrived at work one morning I discovered that I didn't have my wallet.  I called home and learned that it wasn't there and then checked my car....still no wallet.  I'd attended a concert the evening before in a theater and called to see if anyone had turned it in.  No luck. A couple of days later, I got a call from my church's secretary who told me to call a local food distributor. When I asked why, she said 'they've got your wallet'.  I called and learned that one of their employees had found the wallet and brought it to the office.  I enlisted the help of a coworker who drove me to the distributor's office and I retrieved my wallet.  When I looked inside, I found that all of my credit cards, ID, and the $100 that I kept 'stashed' were all still there.  It was obvious to me that the contents of the wallet had been gone through because the business card with my church's name and phone number were in the front, not where I usually kept it.  The person who had found my wallet in the theater seat (where it landed after falling from my pocket the night before) declined the reward that I offered and would only accept a hug in thanks.

    She made my day!


  • I have decide to give homeless vets care packets on the Saturday after Thanksiving.  The vets living on the strees have become a gret concern for me. So this is going to become a mission of mines to help them anyway possible. 


    This is something that I have been discussing with other people, and the time is know to do it. I have even started voulteering at the HVAF house in Indy, so I can learn how I can better serve them.


    My desire is that no VET will fill alone.

  • In the parking lot of the store,where I had just made a purchase of several water-soaked bags of bark chips, I was struggling to lift them into the back of my car. A woman driving past stopped and helped me. Totally unexpected and totally appreciated. I thanked her and she left telling me to enjoy the rest of my day.

  • I was driving home and passed a homeless man with a sign asking for help. I stopped at a local Wendy's and bought him something to eat. I took it to him. He was so appreciative for the food and thanked me for it.