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  • shortyok18

    For five years I have been a Foster Grandparent Volunteer for 2 Kindergarten classes in a small school. The reward that comes from Volunteering cannot be put on paper or in a Emmy Award.

    I work 3 days for 7 hours a day. I have two wonderful teachers that work so hard constantly never stopping teaching kids. The area the school is in is low income. Those teachers works to see that every child receive the kind of education that is needed to comply with the requirements of the school so they can enter the next grade with proper knowledge and skills to take them on. The Kindergartners will learn lessons and find tools to carry with them until they live to be the age they are when they pass away. They try very hard to get those children reading some and writing before they leave Kindergarten. It is a very difficult job today to teach Kindergartners since most of the children come from home's with no family values taught. THe Foster Grandparents are very valuable to the teacher's in trying to help fill in where the teacher's cannot do one on one with more then 5 to 7 children at once. I cannot say how hard these teachers work and how much they help me to be a better servant to these children. I love my work with the staff and children in Willow Brook School, in Oklahoma City School System.

  • em32181192

    My husband died on March 15, 2015.  We had been married for 57 years and were together all the time.  We use to go to I Hop whenever we were in that section of town.  I hadn't been to I Hop since my husband died but decided that I would gather my courage and go in for their special.  I sat accross the aisle from a mother and daughter and the daughter kept looking at me, which made me feel uncomfortable.  Finally the mother came over and explained that her daughter felt sad that I was all alone.  I explained to her about my loss and she hugged me and offered her condolances.  Later the daughter, about nine or ten years old, came over and hugged me and said she was sorry too.  When the bill came for my meal the waitress said that the daughter had already paid for it.  I went over to them and thanked and hugged them both and told them they were angels to do that for me - a complete stranger!  It made my day!

  • wjsweeper

    I went to DMV to get a handiapped parking thing.  I am 91 years old.  The line was long and I knew I could not stand that long.  I sat down and was going to leave aftrer resting but a kind security guard asked if she could help.  She got in the line for me and helped me to the counter when it was my turn.  I have previously fainted in line and my cardiologist said no standing for 15 minutes.  She saved me having to bring someone else back to help me.

  • td4747

    A few weeks ago we were at a restaurant in Merrit Island, Florida having lunch before going to a dental appointment. As we were eating, a gentleman in a wheelchair wearing a hat that said, "I'm a disfunctional Vietnam Vet, leave me alone!" came over to our table and said to my husband, "Welcome home!" My husband was wearing his Disabled Vietnam Veteran hat and he and the gentleman spoke for a few minutes and then he went back to his table and then left. We had just finished our lunch and requested our check. We were told that it had been paid in full. When we asked who? She pointed out the door to the couple who were loading the wheelchair into the car. We quickly left the restaurant and were able to thank them for their generousity. Apparently, he does this quite often as a way of thanking the man upstairs for bringing him home safely. We will be paying this forward as a way to honor this man, the man upstairs and to thank HIM for bringing my husband home. It wasn't until we were in the car and the couple had left that we realized we hadn't gotten their names.

  • pt7002

    Years ago when just a child my pet guinea pig died while I was at school. When I got home my mom yelled at me and told me to "bury the stupid thing."  I took Conejo and the shovel and walked into the woods behind the house. My neighbor man saw me weeping and came over.  He took the shovel from my hand and then dug the hole in the ground. He stayed with me as I buried my pet. His loving touch is something I will never forget about him. Just a simple thing, but fifty years later I still remember.

  • sandyctoo

    One day while I was in line at Dunkin Donuts,  the gentleman in front of me told the cashier to charge my order to his credit card.  I told him he didn't have to do that, but he insisted.  

    What a pleasant surprise!  Since I'm a senior citizen living on social security, money is tight, and his kindness was very much appreciated. I'd heard seen stories on the news of people doing this, but I never thought it would happen to me. 

  • rg41191303

     as a young man i went through a bad divorce , fell into alcohol and drugs. i found myself in the er bleeding from just about everywhere, a doctor standing over me saying i would be dead in less than six months. i went home wiith new drugs these were to stop the bleediing ulcers  and prayed all day  and night, the next morning i awoke to someone beating on the door, he was a shoet heavy man  named m.lowery he sad god told him to stop and to pray with and for me and to let me know he got my prayers .  i never took any of the meds i never bled another drop. 

  • fq3206

    I was the victim of attempted murder at my place of business...  The UPS man heard me screaming and at the risk of his own life ran to my aid, calling out for others to call 911 as I was stabed in the chest, hand severed and bleeding profusely.  The purpetrator a convicted rapist, child molester, and three time offender  was chased down by 13 citizens and captured.  All of them received commendations from the District Attorney's Office of  Los Angeles County for their bravery.  Needless to say, they all had part in saving my life for which I am forever grateful.  The purpetrator was taken off the street and sentenced to 35 years to life thanks to the head of the District Attorney's office allowing my attorney to take the case from start to finish..  I'm safe because of their acts.  There's no way I can ever repay their courageous and unhesitatingly fast thinking except to love them with all my heart ...for love of these men and women is my wealth... my strength and the reason I am still alive today... to hold my great niece and six great nephews in my arms and tell them I love them...