• joannakat

    My husband was terminally ill and I was caring for him full time. I was exhausted and concerned about our finances. Early one morning, the doorbell rang. By the time I got to the door, no one was there but there was a plastic shopping bag hanging on the screen-door handle. I looked inside and found well over $3,000 in cash, all in small and medium bills. A minute later, the phone rang and the person on the other end asked me if I had found the bag. When I asked who I could thank, the person said, “It doesn’t matter. Just know that you are both loved.” And then he hung up. I never found out who was responsible or who knocked on our door that morning.

  • LINTAY758

    A few days before Christmas, while waiting for family members in the "cell phone lot" at the airport, one of the children unknowingly knocked my purse out of the car !!!

    When the passengers called to be picked up, I drove off leaving the purse in the middle of the parking lot !

    A wonderful stranger found the purse -- looked through it for emergency contact infomation -- and called several of my contacts, to inform them that he had found the purse !

    This beautiful "angel" refused the reward I offered.  He would not even accept a cup of coffee -- only a Christmas hug of gratitude.  All money and credit cards were untouched ! 

    Thank You, my "Christmas Miracle!". 

    This was truly a random act of kindness.  Pass the blessings on! 


  • ls3997200

    In the parking lot of the store,where I had just made a purchase of several water-soaked bags of bark chips, I was struggling to lift them into the back of my car. A woman driving past stopped and helped me. Totally unexpected and totally appreciated. I thanked her and she left telling me to enjoy the rest of my day.

  • WoodstockWoman

    The year was 1996.   I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was focused on keeping my job and going through the chemotherapy at the same time.  Before long I was starting to experience the strain.  I would work my fulltime job and get my chemotherapy and go home crashing, too exhausted to do anything but sleep,   It was about that time that I started finding them:  Whole meals cooked and left on my porch!  I had no idea who left them but I thanked them every day in my thoughts.  It felt like I was surrounded by angels.  After six months of therapy I was finally in remission...thanks in part to the angels who fed me in my time of need.  

  • dwgizmo

    A couple years ago we were on our way from Florida to Pennsylvania and had stopped for the night. Our trip was to surprise our grandchildren for Christmas, whom we had not seen in over a year. Of course we had to tell our daughter and son-in-law, so it wasn't a surprise for them, except for the fact that we were coming. 

    When we travel, we don't eat big meals until we stop for the night. So off we went to the restaurant next to our chosen hotel. There were only a few diners at the time, and we thought nothing of this at the time. After a great meal, and feeling like pigs after a trip to the trough our server asked if we wanted dessert of course, but we were too full.

    We sat waiting for the bill, and our server came and told us the bill had been paid by an anonymous person. We were flabbergasted to say the least. This had never happened to us before. We looked around us, but couldn't identify the beautiful person who did this for us. Of course we left our server a generous tip and our thanks to her and the beautiful person.

  • td4747

    A few weeks ago we were at a restaurant in Merrit Island, Florida having lunch before going to a dental appointment. As we were eating, a gentleman in a wheelchair wearing a hat that said, "I'm a disfunctional Vietnam Vet, leave me alone!" came over to our table and said to my husband, "Welcome home!" My husband was wearing his Disabled Vietnam Veteran hat and he and the gentleman spoke for a few minutes and then he went back to his table and then left. We had just finished our lunch and requested our check. We were told that it had been paid in full. When we asked who? She pointed out the door to the couple who were loading the wheelchair into the car. We quickly left the restaurant and were able to thank them for their generousity. Apparently, he does this quite often as a way of thanking the man upstairs for bringing him home safely. We will be paying this forward as a way to honor this man, the man upstairs and to thank HIM for bringing my husband home. It wasn't until we were in the car and the couple had left that we realized we hadn't gotten their names.

  • fq3206

    I was the victim of attempted murder at my place of business...  The UPS man heard me screaming and at the risk of his own life ran to my aid, calling out for others to call 911 as I was stabed in the chest, hand severed and bleeding profusely.  The purpetrator a convicted rapist, child molester, and three time offender  was chased down by 13 citizens and captured.  All of them received commendations from the District Attorney's Office of  Los Angeles County for their bravery.  Needless to say, they all had part in saving my life for which I am forever grateful.  The purpetrator was taken off the street and sentenced to 35 years to life thanks to the head of the District Attorney's office allowing my attorney to take the case from start to finish..  I'm safe because of their acts.  There's no way I can ever repay their courageous and unhesitatingly fast thinking except to love them with all my heart ...for love of these men and women is my wealth... my strength and the reason I am still alive today... to hold my great niece and six great nephews in my arms and tell them I love them...  

  • gt9792265

    Living on a modest income affords one few extras, but occassionally, I enjoy stopping at a specialty tea restaurant and purchasing a gallon of my favorite blueberry green iced tea. On this particular day, I was feeling a bit irritable - the traffic was heavy, I was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home. I pulled in to the tea restaurant's drive through, and ordered my tea. It seemed to be taking a bit longer than usual. And being in the surly mood I was in, I figured it was the fault of the indecisive person in line in front of me in the old, rather beat-up car. I finally pulled up to the window, and attempted to pay the young man working the drive through. He smiled broadly and said, "The people in the car ahead of you paid for your order, out of the kindness of their hearts." I stared at the young man, not understanding. He repeated himself and it finally sunk in. I was both ashamed of my less-than-kind thoughts earlier, and overwhelmed with the difference an unwarranted act of kindness made in my day. It was an act I plan to pass on to another sometime!