• joannakat

    My husband was terminally ill and I was caring for him full time. I was exhausted and concerned about our finances. Early one morning, the doorbell rang. By the time I got to the door, no one was there but there was a plastic shopping bag hanging on the screen-door handle. I looked inside and found well over $3,000 in cash, all in small and medium bills. A minute later, the phone rang and the person on the other end asked me if I had found the bag. When I asked who I could thank, the person said, “It doesn’t matter. Just know that you are both loved.” And then he hung up. I never found out who was responsible or who knocked on our door that morning.

  • AdrianLee68


    1988 Dodge Caravan with curbside lift1988 Dodge Caravan with curbside lift  1997 Ford Aerostar with elevator lift on right side1997 Ford Aerostar with elevator lift on right sideWhen my 1988 Dodge Caravan leaked oil and we couldn't afford to replace it; I prayed, on Wed. to God for another vehicle. At church on Saturday, June came up to me and gave me the 1997 Ford Aerostar with an electric lift. We were so surprised.  We thanked and prayed for June and her family for their kindness to us; Mom and myself.  So you can see that God sometimes answers prayers quickly not just at the 11th hour.


  • em32181192

    My husband died on March 15, 2015.  We had been married for 57 years and were together all the time.  We use to go to I Hop whenever we were in that section of town.  I hadn't been to I Hop since my husband died but decided that I would gather my courage and go in for their special.  I sat accross the aisle from a mother and daughter and the daughter kept looking at me, which made me feel uncomfortable.  Finally the mother came over and explained that her daughter felt sad that I was all alone.  I explained to her about my loss and she hugged me and offered her condolances.  Later the daughter, about nine or ten years old, came over and hugged me and said she was sorry too.  When the bill came for my meal the waitress said that the daughter had already paid for it.  I went over to them and thanked and hugged them both and told them they were angels to do that for me - a complete stranger!  It made my day!

  • rg41191303

     as a young man i went through a bad divorce , fell into alcohol and drugs. i found myself in the er bleeding from just about everywhere, a doctor standing over me saying i would be dead in less than six months. i went home wiith new drugs these were to stop the bleediing ulcers  and prayed all day  and night, the next morning i awoke to someone beating on the door, he was a shoet heavy man  named m.lowery he sad god told him to stop and to pray with and for me and to let me know he got my prayers .  i never took any of the meds i never bled another drop. 

  • js81569408

    Last week at a grocery store, there was an elderly lady with a small basket of groceries on the counter.  A couple of items set aside because she "changed her mind".  The cashier informed her that the card she was using said "insufficient funds".  The elderly lady looked so sad she just stood there.  I turned from my aisle and told the cashier I would pay for the groceries and the ones set aside.  The elderly lady looked at me and asked "Why would you do that?  It's not even my birthday!"  I went to my car and saw her come outside with a huge smile on her face.  I cried so hard because of her joy over some groceries.

  • hawk1437

    Last Thanksgiving there were 18 family members of us eating out.  We started this because 1 yr.my hubby didn't make it home for the holiday.  There was this couple sitting by themselves close to us so we all started talking to them.  Their kids were all somewhere else this thanksgiving and they decided to just go out to eat.  When they got ready to leave they thanked us for sharing our family with them.  Next thing we know our waitress comes back to let us know they had paid our bill that was almost $300.oo.  We were blessed

    I have always tried to do the same.  I keep a tab at a beauty shop so kids can go in and get a hair cut if needed( These are foster kids, not mine).

    God Blesses those who vless others.

  • sh70086015

    I had an important doctor's appt. I really needed to get to on time, went to start the car; and the battery was dead. Just as I was about to close the hood of the car, a gentleman nearby walked up and asked if I needed a boost. He asked me to hold his business jacket and drove up next to my car, got the battery cables out and hooked them up to my car. My car started up quickly. As I said my thank you's and how much I appreciated his kindness, he told me I was welcome and to just do something nice for someone else that day. 

  • BABailey

    I took my mother to a restaurant.  The man ahead of us held the door for her (she uses a walker.)  Then he continued ahead of us.  He paid for our meal and the couple behind us in line as well. 

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