• 11-02-2015


    I met my Angel on 10-31-2015. Bless this man and his family with Good Health/Happiness.


    I am very shocked, because in this day & age, strangers are not willing to help, especially with their children in the car!


    Me & friend went to Dunkin Donuts in Union, NJ on 10-31-2015 to get some breakfast. This is one of my friend favorite fast food places. Anyway, we were listening to the radio, eating away. When the time came to leave the parking lot my friend started up the car & it would not start! We walked across the street to a man who workedat a mechanic shop, but he could not help us because he was the only worker there that day. My friend asked another man in Dunkin Donuts parking lot and he looked at the car and said I think your problem is with the starter; not the battery, because the lights went on. However, this man may have been helpful to us, he was wrong about the mechanics of this vehicle. I got really scare when this man left us saying it was the starter & not the battery.


    Finally, a young man, Latino, Indian, etc..., I am not sure, but he definitely was not Causcian as I am was parked in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot eating at the same place. My friend walked over to him, and at first he said he did not have cables & neither did we. Me and friend walked across the street for a mechanic. I tell you in today's world I never saw workers' who are there to help, be cold and/or unwilling to do their job, helping people in trouble. However, this worker at the mechanic shop was kind enough (I guess), my friend liked his shop, I did not, gave us cables. We walked back across the street and at first the man whom I just mentioned we thought left already. All of a sudden, out of blue,he appeared from his car again and in the back seat I saw I believe I saw his three children. I know that they were his because he was telling them to relax and take a nap. This man practically flew over to help us! He took the cables & attached it to his vehicle and gave us a boost and it was not the starter, but the battery!!! Oh Lord, Bless this man & his family. I wanted a card to send him money, more money than we had on us, but he would not take it. I said are you a mechanic afterward and this young man said no, but his brother was & worked down the road I believe on Fox Hills Road in Union, NJ. I asked him first & then gave his children a couple of dollars...could you believe it I told his children Happy Halloween and & it was that day!


    I would love to go to his shop and ask him, his brother name & I hope I can give him/his family some more money for the random act of kindness this man showed me. It made my day, cause the rest of the day, many people I encountered were not friendly at all. Unfortunately, this is a standard today, around the New York City/New Jersey area. Anybody who is over 50 years old, as myself, can attest that times have changed over the past 25 years, more or less as far as social meeting is concerned.


    Yes, it was my car battery!


    Whether or not I see this man again, I will never forget his kindness to me as long as I may live, for sure.