When attending a football game in Mississippi where University of Kentucky was playing Mississippi State, we ended up parking a mile and a half away just for free parking from the stadium.  On the way to the stadium, my husband's hips started hurting and I was not aware of the medical problem. My first instinct was just to go back to the car and leave the game, but we had travel 200 miles to be with my son and wife who were attending the game.  He had to stop every few minutes to rest and we finally ended up at the stadium.


When our team fell behind, we decided to leave early so as to avoid the traffic.  Upon leaving, the pain got worse and I said I would walk ahead and get the car and pick him up.  At this point I was afraid to leave him though so we stopped at a yogurt store and I told him to wait out side at the table since the car was only 4 blocks away, I would come back and get him.  In the meantime, I went in the store to get us some water.  I asked the waitress if it was okay to leave him there and I explained the situation.  A lady sitting at the table with her family overheard me and immediately volunteered to take us to the car.  She didn't know us and we didn't know her,  I took her up on it. Bill was still waiting outside and he was amazed when I came out and explained what she had said she would do. 


She took us to her car and as we got out, we thanked her and she said that was her good deed for the day.  I wish I had remembered her name.

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