A few weeks ago we were at a restaurant in Merrit Island, Florida having lunch before going to a dental appointment. As we were eating, a gentleman in a wheelchair wearing a hat that said, "I'm a disfunctional Vietnam Vet, leave me alone!" came over to our table and said to my husband, "Welcome home!" My husband was wearing his Disabled Vietnam Veteran hat and he and the gentleman spoke for a few minutes and then he went back to his table and then left. We had just finished our lunch and requested our check. We were told that it had been paid in full. When we asked who? She pointed out the door to the couple who were loading the wheelchair into the car. We quickly left the restaurant and were able to thank them for their generousity. Apparently, he does this quite often as a way of thanking the man upstairs for bringing him home safely. We will be paying this forward as a way to honor this man, the man upstairs and to thank HIM for bringing my husband home. It wasn't until we were in the car and the couple had left that we realized we hadn't gotten their names.


My husband is a 100% disabled veterans who served in vietnam. The only time we her those greeting is when we makes our visits to the VA in Memphis. Many times, the only times you will hear "welcome home" and "thank you for your service"  is from other fellow veterans. My husband and I have events for the disabled veterans. Now we are fixing to start honoring vets at nursing homes in our local area. Those acts of kindness means a lot. We would like to thank your husband for his service.

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