In 2010, I was evicted and had to move - fortunately the Sheriff allowed me much more time to move out than he originally gave me.


When I had the last load in a rental truck, I wanted to sleep in a motel (the previous night I slept on the rental truck's front seat).  I went in and found out that I didn't have enough money for just 1 night.  I went back into the truck and, before I left, I just started crying and put my arms/head on the steering wheel (guess the last few weeks caught up with me).


Suddenly, someone knocked on the window, and I rolled it down. A lady handed me a folded bill and said she hoped things would work out - I don't know if she had been inside when I was there or what.  I thanked her and as she left I unfolded the bill - I had expected it to be, maybe, a $10 bill but I was off by a 0.  With that bill, I had enough, with the bit of money I had with me, for two nights.  This gave me a bit of time, after I unloaded the truck, to think about the future.


Thanks, lady, I really appreciate your help.



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