My husband and I were so poor our first Christmas together that  we couldn't travel the hundreds of miles to be with family, buy gifts or even decorations. (I cried extra hard when I heard the song "I'll be home for Christmas".) My husband was going to college and working part-time so money was really tight. 


A few days before Christmas we opened the door to a family of four who were carrying a small tree, a string of lights and one box of ornaments. They brought popcorn to pop, eat, and to string with cranberries for a garland.


The mother and I had worked a short while together but I hadn't met her husband or 2 girls. I knew their money was tight too and this had to be an extravagance--especially for strangers. And best of all--the family is Jewish!  They told us, "we don't celebrate with Christmas trees but always thought decorating one looked like a fun thing to do". They stayed to help decorate and we all had a good time.


Their generous, thoughtful gesture was true Christmas spirit and, to this day, the best gift ever!

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