Last year I went shoping on black Friday and that was a terrible mistake!  I've gone shopping on
black Friday becaues of the horrible crowds.  I went to one of my favorite stores because they had name brand items for a few dollars.  All I know is I felt someone walking near and snatched my wallet right out of my special hiding spot.  I was terrified and scared.  I haven't anyone steal from me and not know about it! 
Getting things stolen from me is very rare.  I'm very careful but I found some wonderful things I needed and well you get it.

So and went searched frantically around the store over and over again.  Watching people as they leave hoping they would make a mistake and I would see my wallet.  You couldn't miss that wallet it had a lime green color with a snake skin pattern.  After an hour or so I gave up my search and alerted the store manager.  He said he would check the security camera and call the police.

The police stated unfortunately there are people out there shopping for my wallet and just one false move is all they needed.

I had $137 cash and my credit cards and i.d.  I was lucky to remember to leave my social security care at home.   The police said what they do is take the cash and toss the wallet.  He advised me to contact my bank and the Driver's License dept.  I took his advise but I also now know to follow my own adise and to stay home on that day or order online!

I told the story to my supervisor & co-workers at work that following Monday, who asked me about my weekend.  I explained the situation and later learned they had a drawing for the best customer service that day and I was given a $100 gift card.  I was shocked and not expecting this at all!  It helped pay for my new license sticker on my car.  I felt a some relief but I re-learned my lesson well.


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