I am 73 years old, and physically quite unstable.  I always use the shopping cart to hold on to, so I won't fall.  Grocery shopping is one of the most exhausting chores I have to do.  After walking through the  market and finally checking out, I have to load my bags into the car.  So, I opened the back of my suv, and was trying to lift one of the heavy bags out of the cart.  I have painful  arthritis in my hands, which makes it hard to lift the bags.  When out of nowhere appeared a teenaged young man, saying here let me help you with that.  I was so surprised that a teenager would do such an improbable thing,  I couldn't even speak. I say improbable, because we see so many rude, somewhat scary teens around today.  So, we older folks tend to forget that there are incredible young teenagers all around us. He quickly loaded all of my bags and off he went saying, have a good day ma'am.  He took a great deal of the exhausting chore, out of my day.  I wish I knew who he was, so I could tell him how really important his helping hand was.  I will never forget that, and I will try  my best to help someone else.

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