I was visiting my mother, who I rarely get to see anymore because I live about 2000 miles away, one house in northeastern Canada, and the other in Arizona.  She is in Michigan.  My mother, bless her heart, has Alzheimer's, and is completely unaware.  I was in town to take care of some of her financial matters, as her only child, and take her to the doctor, who she insisted she didn't need to see.  It was a very trying and frustrating morning, and I didn't feel like cooking lunch, so we stopped through a fast food outlet, and ordered for the two of us, plus her husband, who was disabled by a stroke over 15 years ago and who my mother has cared for, alone, ever since, and my partner, who had stayed at her house with my stepfather, in case he needed assistance.  We ordered the food, and pulled up to the window, and they handed me the food.  I asked how much I owed them, and they said nothing.  Someone had come in and said they wanted to buy lunch for the next person who came through the drive-thru, had given them money and apparently left.  I didn't get to see who bought our lunch, nor thank them, but it was a wonderful gift on a day when I was feeling so bad about the future and where my dear mother is heading.  So, whoever you were, thank you so much.

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