As I was entering my local Kroger store for the Haloween Candy one day sale this year, a lady exiting the store asked if I was going in for the candy sale and I said yes. She gave me her coupons for the candy that she purchased that printed out at the register. There are still nice people out there if we will just be willing to smile at someone else. I have no idea who she was but she made my day. It doesn't have to be something life altering to make someones day. A smile is a nice beginning.




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I often save coupons for items that those I know will buy on a regular basis. I've frequently been at a restaurant using a coupon with a few other deals from that restaurant printed on that page. If I see a family, I offer the rest to them to get a discount which they really appreciate. It creates a good feeling for all of us except, perhaps, for the restaurant. At our local Jewel store, there's been contests that I don't participate in. I offer them to the person behind me which makes both of us feel good. 

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