Once, when I was eight years old, my family went to the New Jersey shore. Not being a swimmer, my activity in the water consisted of holding on to the float line (at a depth up to my waist) that ran perpendicular to the shore and jumping over the waves as  they came in. An older woman was doing the same thing in front of me. I figured that she couldn't swim either.


A large wave came at us and pulled me under the water, spinning me in circles. She must have turned around, saw what had happened to me, grabbed my bathing suit, and pulled me up out of the water to safety. I was coughing and stunned. I thanked her and immediately went back to shore to my parents. I told them how a woman stopped me from drowning and saved my life.


The next summer, my parents sent me to Girl Scout Camp to learn how to swim.Fifty-seven years later, I have that woman to thank for my being here today to type this Random Act of Kindness story.

How fascinating that I randomly stumbled onto your post. I have recently decided to dedicate more time to teaching those who have had a bad experience how to swim. I can appreciate what you went thru and the fact you learned to swim. Also am grateful to know that humbling feeling to be put in a position to move another to safety. Cheers to you and that wonderful woman! I know you both made a difference for one and other.

I moved to Shippensburg, Pa., 20 months ago. I became involved in the community on the very first day I lived in the town. I went down to the local food pantry with a friend and helped to stock shelves for the food giveaway that occurs on the first three Tuesdays of every month. I've been going down there both Mondays and Tuesdays ever since. I also volunteer twice a week at my church where on Thursday nights it's called "Ministry night" and Saturday mornings/afternoons are called "work days. I have been there for most of them. I get a great dea of satisfaction from both of the volunteer jobs that I do. Four months ago, one of the Pastos of the church let me pick out a bicycle to take home. I was very appreciative as I was anticipating all the bicycles to go to kids in the neiborhood. I will never forget that random act of kindness.  

What did you do on "Ministry night and Work days"?
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