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For 3 years I have been taking care of my wife, who was terminally ill. She had cancer, severe heart damage, two broken legs and couldn't walk. No matter when it was, my supervisors and friends I worked with, NEVER questioned me when I needed to do an emergercy run to rush home to take care of my wife. They all understood my needed me, for some reason or emergency. They let me off / go whenever I needed to. She finally lost her life and fight to live, August 12, 2015. EVERYONE at work banded together and supported me at this time. They all donated several hundred dollars for funeral expenses and bought me a large and beautiful peace lily plant. Without their support and understanding the last 3 years, I would also have given up because it is so hard to take care of someone you have loved for 16 years because of her severe health and disability problems, and at the same time, stand by her because you love her so much and watch her die. I am still having a very hard time getting through each day without crying but my friends and family at work are still there for me.


Dear RB,

Your dedication to your wife is an incredibly moving testimonial to the power of LOVE.

God Bless You.




Thank - you for your sincere caring. I really DO appreciate that. Have a wonderful holiday, to you and your family, everyone out there.

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