Several years ago my wife and I were on a motorcycle trip to **bleep**.  It was very hot and I had not been drinking enough.  I realized something was wrong and started to pull over but to late.  I passed out and we slid down a small embankment.  We were not seriously hurt but I had wrenched my shoulder and needed several stitches.  My wife only skinnned her hand and bruised her knee. 


After being released from the hospital one of the nurses took use to the impound lot were our bike was and help retrieved our pack and other belongings.  He then took us to a hotel and dropped us off.  All of this while on duty. 


The next day we were trying to figure out how to get back home to Oregon and the gal working in the breakfast room let us know that she and her husband would help us get a rental truck and then help load the motorcycle to get us on our way.  Not only did they do that but took us to Walmart for needed items.  They took the time to drive us all over Page, **bleep** to accomplish everything that we needed to do before we could leave. 


We will never forget the kindness of the nurse and the couple who went out of their way to help two people who needed help in a strange place. 

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