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On an Easter Sunday afternoon when my son, who was about 4 years old at the time, and I were going back home to Virginia after a visit with my sister in North Carolina, my car broke down.  We were stranded on the side of the road over 90 miles from home.  At that time we didn't have cell phones, so there wasn't anyway to call anyone from the car.  Time to head out on foot!

My son and I got out of the car and started walking towards the nearest exit to see if we could find any help.  Fortunately a car with a middleaged gentleman and woman pulled over beside us and asked if they could help us out.  I don't usually get in a car with strangers, especially when I have a child with me, but in the situation I was in I felt like I had no choice.  I wasn't sure what we needed to do or where we needed to go, but the nice couple helped me out with that and  drove us to a local gas station (the only one that was open due to the holiday) and made sure that we would be taken care of.  Then they went on to their Easter event (that they were already late for because they so graciously helped us).


The man at the gas station towed my car to his service center and looked at it and said that there was nothing he could do until the next day because he would have to order a part.  And then he proceeded to close up shop. It looked like my son and I were going to have to sleep in my car for the night because I had no money for a hotel plus no transportation anyway..  But before I could even finish making a decision, the concerned couple were pulling back up into the gas station.  The gentleman assessed our situation and insisted that we come stay at their house for the evening!  Once again,  I would not usually stay with strangers, or put my son in that situation, but I felt like they were a God sent.  So we went with them, and they prepared us a nice hot dinner, a warm shower and a comfortable night sleep!! 

To top it off - the next day the kindhearted woman packed us a lunch, then they took us back to the car shop, and they paid the mechanic for the repairs on my car out of their own pocket (by letting me give them a post dated check)!  As we drove away from their house, I noticed the street name that they lived on was called "Friendship Circle".  Now how appropriate was that!!  I feel like they were guardian angels sent down from above to care for me and my son those two days and I will be forever grateful!

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