One day, on my way to work, I stopped at a bagel shop to get a sandwich and drink.  Lo and behold, I had forgotten that I had no cash and did not bring my credit cards with me.  Telling the clerk that I would be right back, I ran to my car to get some form of payment.  As I was heading to the car, I heard a female voice say, "Here's your sandwich and drink".....I turned around and, much to my surprise, saw this lovely gal with my sandwich and drink in hand running toward me.  I said, "Oh no, I haven't paid for those"..she replied, "I have taken care of it and it is my treat"...I tried in desperation to pay her back, but she adamantly refused the  money.  I told her that I would be sure to "pay it forward" the next time I was at the bagel shop, which I did on my next visit.  The nice looking guy in front of me got the surprise of his life when I paid for his purchase.

It made my day!

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