Last week while at Walmart my card would not go thru.... I thought it was just a problem with the card (I did not know that it was because I had no money left on it), well while the cashier was trying the card again, I bent down to get my grandbabe's foot out of the cart.... (It was stuck and stuck well I stood up and the cashier handed me my card so I thought she was sending me over the customer service. Too my surprise she said the bill was paid and I said OH Great it went thru and she said NO, the gentleman behind you paid the bill!!!!   I turned behind me and I was at a loss for words, I hugged him asked him if he would like a check that he could cash next week, he said NO, Happy Holidays!!   Well,  leaving the store I was crying and my grandgirl put her arms around me and said "YaYa, why are you crying?"  I told her what happened and I told her they were tears of both gratitude and embarrassment!!!   She said "Oh I understand YaYa, your happy and your sad at the same time"....  and that started me crying all over again.   It was the first time in my lift (and I am going to be 54 in a month)... that anyone had ever done something like that for me.

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