Several weeks ago, i was heading home just as it was getting dark. As i passed by a carry out  i noticed a lady walking with tgree little kids. It seemed she was in some type of distress, so thinking she needed a ride ; i stopped. With three kids , none appearing to be five years of age or over, i thought she was trying to get home. 


Well , i found out she really had a much bigger problem. It was getting cold and they had nowhere to go that night. I told her to get in and asked had the kids eaten. With no being the response, i headed towards the nearest McDonalds for happy meals, of course. As I was driving there; i continued to gather information form the woman. Informatuion like how did she come to be in such a situation. Furthermore , iI am thinking who do I know that may be able to help her tonight. tried to reach a couple of people with no success . As i talked to her more, i began to feel more secure with an idea i had early on. With there being no other solution , i decided the woman and the kids could spend the night at my apartment. It is a one bedroom  and i would not be there that night.


She was glad to hear that and accepted, saying she would like to bathe the kids. I said she could and also there is a laundry where your clothes can be washed in the morning. When i came the following morning they were still laying there sleep. Then she got up and got the clothes ready to wash, and braided the little girls hair while i washed and dryed the clothes in the laundry room.   When they were ready, i took them and brought breakfast. Afterwards, i shared with her some information on where to get housing, having already read a paper she had , letting her know that paper would not hinder her in her efforts to get housing from another agency, She has housing now!

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